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Acclaimed virtual keynote speaker Jason Dorsey has delivered virtual presentations to more than 100,000 leaders in over 100 countries. Each virtual keynote is customized to your audience, event, and must-achieve outcomes. We know you want a fantastic video presentation, so Jason films each virtual keynote in a professional film studio–no DIY home office here!

Jason’s unique approach to enabling leaders to drive results across generations is why he’s headlined events from Singapore and Paris to New York City and Los Angeles. Every virtual keynote includes Jason’s trademark insights, humor, energy, and specific how-to actions. He and his team at The Center for Generational Kinetics have led more than 65 generational studies and worked with over 700 clients, so they bring unparalleled research and frontline experience to your virtual event. Their clients include many of the biggest brands in the world along with international associations, private equity, and global summits.

Jason can follow his customized virtual keynote presentations with a live Q&A session, online breakout sessions for specific topics, VIP roundtable discussions, and custom content both before and after the online event. He will record videos to promote your event as well as provide specific resources to drive action after the event concludes.

Contact Emily Boyd today to check Jason Dorsey’s availability or request more information: +1 (512) 944-5456 | [email protected]

You can also learn more about Jason Dorsey at JasonDorsey.com

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Gen Z and the Great Resignation? It turns out many Gen Z workers are thinking about their next job. Are you doing what it takes to keep them? Watch my Yahoo! Finance interview to hear CGK’s surprising discoveries into Gen Z workforce trends

One new trend to pay close attention to that we are studying at CGK: Ghosting. This is what happens when an employee is hired, agrees to show up to work, but then never arrives on the first day of work. Yes! This happens. And right now, it is happening a lot and creating tremendous frustration for employers. At some point, the employer-employee dynamic will likely change and become more balanced, but for the foreseeable future, ghosting is likely to stick around—so we need to take action to get new hires to stick around, too!  

Gen Z Research Workforce

You Might Be Wondering: Does Our Speaking and Research Drive Results? Video Proof: Repeat Client Shares Their Experience Solving Generational Challenges

I love working with repeat clients because I get to know their team, culture, challenges, opportunities, and strengths over a long period. Going into the details with clients and working with their teams consistently also builds momentum for action, buy-in, trust, innovation, and results across their organization.

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My unexpected adventure from a college dorm room back to speaking at that same college—and the BIG lessons I learned the hard way

I wanted to make the most of coming full circle back to where it all started. So I took a big risk while back on campus. Right before my informal speech I decided to try something I’ve never done before as a speaker. I had ZERO idea how it would work out. That risk ended up reframing how I saw my own story, my own journey, my own decisions, and how I’ve grown. 

Gen Z Generations Keynote Speaking

On BBC Debating if Gen Z is Actually “Weaker” Than Older Generations. My answer may surprise you.

The reality is that Gen Z is coming of age facing a variety of challenges that other generations have not faced at the same life stage, most notably the Covid-19 pandemic and the always-on pressure of social media directly to their smartphone. Add in the mental-health challenges of social distancing and isolation during the pandemic, distance-learning challenges, and all the formative elements of young adulthood, and it’s easy to see why the generation is feeling like it’s a challenging time.

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