Jason Dorsey delivers inspiring presentations fueled by over 120 research studies he’s led around the world. He combines his trademark energy, humor, and take-action strategies with unforgettable stories.

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Jason’s Most Popular Keynotes

Crossing the Generational Divide

Crossing the Generational Divide

We live in a time of rapid generational change, challenge, and opportunity. Leaders live this daily from recruiting and retaining different generations of employees to inspiring trust, engagement, and effective communication across multiple generations and geographies. Making the challenge even more costly are dramatically different work expectations by generation, the rapid emergence of AI, and a gap in how to best drive engagement and performance now. Leaders need to know what works—and why—so they can take decisive action to drive measurable results fast.

In this inspiring, research-driven presentation, acclaimed generational researcher and speaker Jason Dorsey separates myth from truth about generations and what most unlocks their performance. Jason has uncovered that most business problems are actually generational problems. Jason is uniquely able to deliver this powerful, customized program filled with surprising discoveries after leading over 120 research studies around the world. He’s the leading expert on research-based insights and strategies for unlocking the potential of each generation. Adweek calls him “Research Guru.”

Leaders will learn a new way to lead different generations at the same time, specific ways to bridge the generational divide, and customized actions that drive measurable outcomes fast. This wildly entertaining, high-energy program is instantly actionable, laugh-out-loud funny, deeply customized, and has delivered gains for leaders and companies around the world. Your audience will see firsthand why Jason has received over 1,000 standing ovations, from New York City and Paris to Chile, Singapore, and India.

  • “Jason’s work with our team has had a profound impact on how we communicate with our consumers and manage our multigenerational workforce.”

    Steven Williams
    CEO, PepsiCo Foods,
    North America

Your audience will leave with:

  • Unexpected ways to view and value generations as “clues and not a box” for much faster connection, trust, influence, and engagement
  • “Wow” discoveries based on unique, original research on why every generation is valuable and how to quickly transform their differences into strengths
  • Numerous ready-to-use actions customized to your most urgent priorities, culture, and data, from workforce performance to leadership development

Selling to Each Generation So They Love to Buy

Selling and Marketing so Every Generation Wants to Buy

Sales leaders and their teams face a never-before-seen challenge: engaging, building trust, marketing, and selling to four different generations of customers at the same time. This challenge has never been as difficult or costly as it is now—or more urgent and highly valuable to solve! This is true in any industry where multiple generations of customers and clients interact with multiple generations of sales teams and leaders. Solving this generational divide in sales drives much faster, more predictable growth and greater ROI, which can be built on for years.

In this high-energy, research-driven program, acclaimed generational researcher and speaker Jason Dorsey answers the burning question that sales leaders and teams want to know: How do we best connect, build trust, grow our business, drive referrals, and create customer and client advocates across every generation at the same time? Jason is uniquely able to answer this complex question and much more through this powerful, deeply customized program filled with surprising data and discoveries from his work leading over 120 research studies around the world. Jason is the leading expert on research-based insights and strategies for unlocking the potential of each generation as clients, customers, and sales leaders.

Jason customizes this take-action sales and marketing program—from technology sales to financial services, travel, and retail—through his unique data, client collaboration, and frontline work with over 700 clients around the world. The presentation will exactly fit your customer journey, industry, client interactions, and growth priorities. Every leader will leave inspired with a new perspective and specific actions to use immediately. Your audience will see firsthand why Jason has received over 1,000 standing ovations, from New York City and Paris to Chile and India.

  • “Jason Dorsey delivers incredible generational insights and strategies that will future-proof your business. His deep domain expertise, engaging speaking style, and thought-provoking insights are the best in the business. I have had Jason speak to my clients, our industry, and our top leadership team as he provides an incredible and actionable foundation for driving growth in any business that serves multi-generational clients.”

    Chris Perry
    Broadridge Financial Solutions

Your audience will leave with:

  • Unexpected, actionable sales and marketing perspectives into each generation of customers and clients, and how to rapidly connect with them whether older or younger
  • Specific actions that advance the sales, marketing, and buying experience, from initial awareness to engagement, trust, decision-making, and loyalty
  • Numerous strategies your sales professional can use right away, whether B2B, B2C, complex or high-velocity sales. These are the strategies and actions sales professionals want but can’t find anywhere else!

Zconomy: New Insights and Practical Strategies to Engage Gen Z

Zconomy: New Insights and Solutions to Unlock the Potential of Gen Z

Generation Z is the fastest-growing, most influential, and most misunderstood generation of employees and consumers. They have a different relationship with technology, navigated a global pandemic at a defining life stage, exhibit very different shopping and job search patterns, and have upended employment from recruiting to retention. Accurately understanding and being able to connect, inspire, lead, and grow with this complex generation is essential for leaders to future-proof their businesses and fuel growth.

In this insights-filled, research-backed presentation, acclaimed generational researcher and speaker Jason Dorsey solves the challenge facing leaders by separating myth from truth about Gen Z through original research, sharing specific actions that drive measurable results, and inspiring immediate action to engage this trendsetting generation. Jason is uniquely able to deliver this customized presentation filled with surprising data and discoveries from groundbreaking Gen Z research, including his bestselling book Zconomy and his multi-year State of Gen Z® study, which has been featured in major media around the world.

This insights-filled, highly entertaining presentation will have your audience saying, “I had no idea!” and “That finally makes sense!” Jason has led dozens of studies into Generation Z as employees, consumers, and trendsetters as well as helped global brands develop in-depth strategies and actions to unlock the potential of this exciting generation at this critical life stage. In this customized presentation, your audience will see why Jason has been featured as the go-to Gen Z expert from The Today Show to CNBC.

  • “Jason thank you for the amazing inspiration you bring every time. Your depth of understanding of Gen Z and generational differences has triggered a lot of ideas and how we evolve Coach as a brand for the next generation. What has been an even bigger talking point is the simplicity and the energy with which you share these complex and nuanced findings makes them so easy to grasp and memorable.”

    Sandeep Seth
    Global CMO and President
    of North America,

Your audience will leave with:

  • New openness and enthusiasm about Gen Z based on original behavioral research and unexpected “wow” insights
  • Leadership insights that drive results in recruiting, retaining, motivating, and developing Gen Z within multigenerational organizations
  • Gen Z customer insights that deeply explore the buying mindset of Gen Z and specific actions to advance each step of their customer journey
  • Inspiration to take action right away to unlock Gen Z’s potential—all based on original data and frontline actions

Leading for Profitable Growth When Competition is Everywhere

Leading for Profitable Growth When Competition is Everywhere

Today’s leaders face more competition than ever before. New competitors. Unexpected innovation. Hidden trends. How can a leader inspire a growth mindset and results in an established business, especially with competitors on all sides? The answer will surprise you! Uncovering how to drive growth in established markets is a passion for Jason who has worked side-by-side with CEOs, private equity firms, public and private companies, and across diverse industries to reinforce durability and bottom-line gains.

In this story-filled keynote, Jason shares how leaders at established companies leverage a defensible difference® to fuel profitable growth while preserving their core strengths. Jason will share the process and specific examples to apply each step to amplify your company’s defensible difference to drive growth and immediate action. If your business needs a new approach to leverage its strengths and separate from competitors, then this presentation is for you.

  • “Jason’s earnest mix of energy, well-researched perspective, well-timed humor, and practical insights made his keynote the talk of our event and the highest-rated presentation. He gave our attendees exactly what we wanted —a fresh, insightful, deeply tailored understanding of how to compete differently and succeed in fiercely competitive markets.”

    Dale Pollak
    Senior Vice President,
    Cox Automotive, Founder

Your audience will leave with:

  • A new view on how to think about driving growth within established businesses using Jason's Defensible Difference® strategy
  • Practical tools you can use right away that build on your organization's DNA without asking leaders to do more or take on another new initiative
  • Specific actions and a framework that reinforces stability and drives measurable results in which everyone can play to their strengths while driving growth when competition is everywhere

Take-Action Resources
Your Presentation Can Include

Take Action Resources & FAQs

Audience Take-Action Framework

Audience Take-Action Framework

Jason’s popular tool provides audience members with a framework for understanding generations, taking notes, and detailing the specific strategies they plan to implement.

Jason’s Bestselling Book: Zconomy

Jason’s Bestselling Book: Zconomy

Zconomy is Jason’s latest bestselling book for leaders. The bestselling book has more than 50 strategies leaders can use right away to drive results in their organization.

The State of Gen Z® Research Series

The State of Gen Z® Research Series

Jason and the CGK team lead the acclaimed State of Gen Z® annual research study. This groundbreaking study provides behavioral insights and data not available anywhere else.

Speech Summary Video for Attendees

Speech Summary Video for Attendees

To reinforce the key insights from his presentation—and amplify the inspiration in his message—all attendees can receive a recorded speech summary video by Jason.

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How can I check Jason's speaking availability?

You can check Jason’s speaking availability by reaching out to our friendly team! We can share his availability as well as how Jason’s trademark insights, humor, energy, and actionable strategies can enhance your next meeting or event. You can reach us by completing this contact form, calling us at +1 (512) 259-6877, or emailing Emily Boyd, our VP of Speaking Services, at [email protected].

Do I directly work with Jason to help him prepare for my event?

Absolutely! Clients love Jason’s highly personalized Speech Customization Process. This includes working directly with Jason to customize his message, research, insights, and take-action strategies to fit your priority outcomes. Jason is well-known for his deep level of customization that fits your organization’s culture, event, data, and audience experience. Jason frequently headlines international events, so he has deep expertise in delivering inspiring programs translated into multiple languages as well for domestic and international audiences ranging from 16 senior executives at a company retreat to 16,000 leaders in an arena.

Does Jason have a preferred speech length?

Jason’s standard presentation length is 60 to 75 minutes. However, he always customizes his presentation to fit your vision and agenda. He can deliver programs from a TED-style 20-minute insights session to his highly interactive half-day and longer programs. The longer the program, the more actionable insights, audience collaboration, and strategies he shares from his 120+ research studies around the world.

Will Jason sign books at the event?

Definitely! Travel permitting, Jason will sign his bestselling Zconomy book before or after his presentation as a take-action tool for audience members. This bestselling book is trusted by leaders around the world for research-based solutions from recruiting and retention to driving growth across generations. Speaking clients receive significant discounts. We are happy to facilitate the book order and delivery directly to your event.  

How does Jason help to make our work with him less stressful?

After more than 1,000 presentations, Jason is all about making his involvement low-stress and high-impact for you. You’ll receive his personal contact details so you can stay in touch in the lead-up to your event. Jason will arrive the day before and is always happy to do a technical check. Jason will also arrive at the event room early and is very flexible if you need him to adapt on the fly, such as incorporating last-minute messaging you’d like reinforced.

Will Jason help us promote the event in advance?

Of course! That’s part of the fun. Jason can record a custom invite video for your attendees to generate interest and excitement—or direct recipients to register now. He will also amplify social media posts you choose to make about the event and can recognize sponsors, too. These videos generate a lot of excitement and reinforce the value of your event before it takes place.

When I reach out, will a real person talk with me or will it be AI?

While we love technology—and Jason has worked in the technology field for years—we believe in world-class, personalized service. When you reach out by email, phone, or completing the contact form, Emily will respond to help and start a conversation with you. She can then learn more about you and your meeting or event, answer any questions you have, create a customized speaking proposal, and check Jason’s availability. Emily has more than 25 years of industry experience and is delightful. You’ll enjoy connecting with her. You can reach her by email at [email protected], by phone at 512-944-5456, or by completing this form. We look forward to connecting with you!

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