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The State of Gen Z

State of Gen Z 2020 - Consumers

THE STATE OF GEN Z® 2020: Gen Z as Consumers, Influencers, and Trendsetters

Gen Z Becomes the Most Important Generation of Consumers

This 2020 State of Gen Z® research study dives into Gen Z’s attitudes, beliefs, and habits toward spending, shopping, saving, influencing, and more. The study included over 1,000 members over Gen Z and compared them to 1,000 Millennials. The discoveries are especially important for business and leaders, sales and marketing executives, as well as entrepreneurs and product innovators.

Sample questions answered in this State of Gen Z® consumer study:

  • How does Gen Z learn about new brands?
  • What makes Gen Z loyal to a brand?
  • How does Gen Z feel about brands that support social causes?
  • What does Gen Z want in an online buying experience?
  • How has COVID-19 affected Gen Z financially?
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State of Gen Z 2020 - Employees

THE STATE OF GEN Z® 2020: Gen Z as Employees and Emerging Leaders

Gen Z Becomes the Fastest Growing Generation of Employees

This 2020 State of Gen Z® research study dives into Gen Z’s attitudes, beliefs, and habits toward work, career, and as emerging leaders. The study included over 1,000 members over Gen Z and compared them to 1,000 Millennials. The discoveries are especially important for managers, HR leaders, workforce, and Chief People Officers, as well as employers globally.

Sample questions answered in this State of Gen Z® employment study:

  • What most attracts Gen Z to a new job?
  • Where does Gen Z look for jobs?
  • What workplace benefits does Gen Z want?
  • How soon does Gen Z expect to get a raise?
  • What makes Gen Z stay at a job?
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State of Gen Z 2020 - COVID-19

THE STATE OF GEN Z® 2020: The Impact of COVID-19 and Gen Z Looking Ahead

The Impact of the COVID-19 on Gen Z and How the Pandemic Has Changed their Views About the Future

This 2020 State of Gen Z® research study uncovers the hidden and unexpected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Generation Z (ages 13 to 24) at this formative time in their coming of age experience. The study specifically looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts Gen Z and their views in key areas such as leadership and living with their parents to wellbeing and how the pandemic has shaped their beliefs about the future of work, education, and much more. The study features more than 50 Gen Z COVID-19 research discoveries.

Sample areas explored in this State of Gen Z® COVID-19 study:

  • Gen Z’s confidence in leadership during COVID-19
  • Gen Z’s attitude about living with their parents during COVID-19
  • Gen Z’s digital trends during COVID-19
  • Gen Z’s views on health and wellbeing during COVID-19
  • Gen Z’s attitude toward education and career during COVID-19
  • Gen Z’s beliefs about government, politics, and the media during COVID-19
  • Gen Z’s perspective on the future
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State of Gen Z 2019


A New Generation Emerges—and Brings Tremendous Change

This national study builds on more than 65 generational studies we’ve led on four continents. Our work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets and our speaking, consulting, and research clients include many of the biggest brands and employers in the world.

In this year’s study, we included 1,000 members of Gen Z (ages 13 to 23) as well as 1,000 Millennials for comparison. We are seeing dramatic differences between these two generations as they impact businesses, industries, countries, and emerging trends. Complete the short form on this page to instantly access the entire State of Gen Z® 2019 Research Report.

A few of the many surprising findings in the study:

  • 95% of Gen Z are on a social media app or website at least once a week, and 1/3 of Gen Z say they spend most of their time outside of work or school on social media. .
  • 48% of Gen Z gamers think their gaming skills will help them later in life.
  • 46% of Gen Z have not bought something they really wanted because the website was too hard to use.
  • There are many more exciting findings in this year’s State of Gen Z® 2019 for leaders, marketers, journalists, and parents.
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State of Gen Z 2018


The State of Gen Z® 2018 took a deep dive into key Gen Z trends and themes critical to know about the generation as they emerge as employees, customers, and trendsetters. This includes looking at Gen Z and their views about brands and brand engagement, technology reliance and expectations, marketing, social media, employment, and much more.

This white paper report provides missing data insights for journalists, brand leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and those seeking to understand how Gen Z views the world at this critical time in their emergence. There were many, many surprising findings in the 2018 study!

A few of the many surprising findings in the study:

  • Gen Z is heavily impacted by online influencers. 45% of Gen Z follows more than 10 online influencers. More than 1 in 10 members of Gen Z follow more than 50 online influencers!
  • Gen Z can’t put their phone away—even to sleep. 29% of Gen Z are on their smartphones after midnight every night of the week! This is significantly more than Millennials.
  • Gen Z needs more frequent feedback while working than Millennials. In fact, 66% of Gen Z needs feedback from their supervisor at least every few weeks in order to stay at a job.
  • And there is so much more in the white paper!
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The State of Gen Z™ 2017 built upon the tremendous response to The Center’s original State of Gen Z® inaugural study. In 2017, The Center’s research team focused on how Gen Z, aka iGen, thinks about money, earning money, savings, debt, spending, and retirement. The study also compared Gen Z to Millennials in each of these areas and found some important differences.

The State of Gen Z® 2017 is ideal for business leaders, marketers, parents, employers, and educators to know as Gen Z takes the place of Millennials as emerging adults and impacts our economy and our world.

In the State of Gen Z® 2017, you will find lots of unexpected insights, including The Center’s groundbreaking research that Gen Z appears to be a throwback generation! We uncovered that Gen Z are fiscally conservative, seeking to get more utility and value from their purchases, and thinking about as well as taking action on saving for retirement. The findings were very unexpected and sparked a global conversation about what Gen Z’s emergence will mean to employers, marketers, banks, financial services, families, and our shared future.

A few of the many surprising Gen Z findings:

  • Gen Z is fiscally conservative and already thinking about retirement! In fact, 12% of Gen Z are already saving for retirement and 21% of Gen Z had a savings account before the age of ten!
  • Gen Z earns their own money rather than just receiving it as a gift. The State of Gen Z® 2017 found that 77% of Gen Z earn their own spending money through freelance work, a part-time job, or earned an allowance.
  • Gen Z has an unexpected view of advertisements that directly impacts their trustworthiness. One surprising stat: Gen Z trusts YouTube ads more than any other source!
  • And many, many more exciting findings about Gen Z and money in the white paper.
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Who is Generation Z? Also known as Gen Z or iGen, this brand-new generation is bringing a tidal wave of change as communicators, influencers, tech users, employees, and consumers. This impending tsunami of generational change led The Center for Generational Kinetics to launch its State of Gen Z® annual research study series. The Center’s research team wanted to explore and reveal Gen Z’s mindset and behaviors from multiple angles to inform business strategy, leadership decisions, deliver statistically-valid news insights, and provide actionable data at an incredibly important time in Gen Z’s emergence.

In the first annual State of Gen Z® research study, The Center’s team focused on important generational mindset areas including Gen Z and their relationship with technology, how Gen Z is different from Millennials, and Gen Z’s views about politics. The dependence on technology that was uncovered, including its direct impact on Gen Z self-worth, led to significant conversations around the world. In addition, uncovering Gen Z’s emerging political viewpoints and who they trust as leaders helps to highlight the views of the generation as they are now able to vote in elections.

There were so many great findings in the inaugural State of Gen Z® study, that we made it into two different white papers!

A few of the many surprising Gen Z findings:

  • 42% of Gen Z say social media affects how they feel about themselves
  • 50% of Gen Z would use their phone to look for a better price while they were physically shopping at a retail store
  • 23% of Gen Z feel the U.S is headed in the right direction while 38% feel that it’s not headed in the right direction
  • And much more—especially several unexpected insights about Gen Z and technology

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Gen Z Tech Disruption Gen Z's Political & Civic OutlookGen Z's Stance on Politics Is iGen's Self-Worth Determined by Social Media?

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