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Jason Dorsey shares transformational insights based on his groundbreaking research that drives inspiration, innovation and delivers positive change.

  • 70+ research studies uncovering the hidden behavioral mindsets that drive consumers, employees, and trends across generations
  • Featured on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, and 200 more television shows
  • One unforgettable presentation style

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Media Appearances Include:

What Clients Say About Jason:

Jason Dorsey is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers I’ve come across in my career.

In fact, ‘speaker’ does not adequately describe Jason, who is equal parts researcher, social anthropologist, and entertainer.”

Stephen Cannon, CEO
Mercedes-Benz USA

Jason’s speech was a huge hit at our International Management Conference!”

Katie Taylor, President
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Jason’s entertaining message was of great value to all 1,200 of our sales associates in attendance—and that ranged from Millennials to Traditionalists! They left with actions they could use right away for selling across generations.”

Jim Gillespie, CEO
Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Jason Dorsey’s presentation was informative, engaging and relevant. I personally learned a lot and am proof that he can teach an old Boomer new tricks!”

Greg Creed, President
Taco Bell Corporation

Jason Dorsey is known around the world as the foremost authority on Millennials and Gen Z. He is one of the best speakers you’ll ever see on stage.

He’s smart, entertaining, educational and funny. He’s also full of more energy than most people have after eight cups of coffee — like human Red Bull.

He’s been our highest rated speaker at two different events!

Jeffry Pilcher, CEO
The Financial Brand Forum 

Jason delivered the perfect message as the headline speaker for our Gen Y summit in Chile. It was as if Jason was from Chile even though he had never visited! Jason’s appearance led to our Gen Y Even being the largest ever held in Chile!”

Francisco Panisello, CEO
Black Sheep Social Media

Jason Dorsey Virtual Keynote Preview Video – Watch Jason delivering a virtual keynote. You'll also get a sneak peek of his research into the impact of the pandemic on each generation.

Jason's Clients Include

Jason is Known for Discovering:

  • Millennials are not tech-savvy but tech-dependent

  • In the workforce, Gen Z may leapfrog many Millennials

  • The Millennial generation is splitting into two

  • Gen Z is more inclined to save money than spend it

More Discoveries

The Millennial Split

A snapshot of Jason Dorsey:

Jason Dorsey is President of The Center for Generational Kinetics. He has led pioneering generational research on four continents in multiple languages. An acclaimed speaker, he has received over 1,000 standing ovations around the world. Jason advises executives, boards of directors, and investment firms on hidden behavioral trends uncovered through his unique research. He wrote his first bestselling book at age 18. Jason is also a Millennial, married to a Gen X’er, and they have a Gen Z daughter!

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My unexpected adventure from a college dorm room back to speaking at that same college—and the BIG lessons I learned the hard way

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On BBC Debating if Gen Z is Actually “Weaker” Than Older Generations. My answer may surprise you.

The reality is that Gen Z is coming of age facing a variety of challenges that other generations have not faced at the same life stage, most notably the Covid-19 pandemic and the always-on pressure of social media directly to their smartphone. Add in the mental-health challenges of social distancing and isolation during the pandemic, distance-learning challenges, and all the formative elements of young adulthood, and it’s easy to see why the generation is feeling like it’s a challenging time.

Gen Z Generations Media Research