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Generational differences, changes, and trends are reshaping industries, disrupting companies, and affecting our daily lives. This is true with Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

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Jason Dorsey has led more than 60 generational research studies around the world to separate generational myth from truth.

He believes every generation brings value and that, together, we can unlock the potential of every generation.

“Generations are not boxes. Instead, they are powerful clues that help us better understand, connect with, trust, and influence people of different ages.” – Jason Dorsey

Generation Z

Generation Z is now the fastest emerging generation of employees and consumers.

Also known as iGen, this generation is already making their mark on the world—impacting brands, employers, and global conversations. Jason’s new book on Gen Z, a #1 new release on Amazon, is available right now!

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Millennials are a huge generation of consumers, employees, and trendsetters.

Also known as Gen Y, this generation is driving massive change, challenge, and hidden opportunities. Jason and his team at The Center believe Millennials are actually two generations.

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Generations Birth Years

What are the correct birth years for Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers?

Knowing the right birth years for each generation helps you to understand each generation in the context of one another and your own. Note that generational birth years vary around the world.

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Matt Beaudreau, Alicia Rainwater, Jason Dorsey, and Denise Villa,PhD

CGK’s Custom Generational Research

CGK’s team constantly releases research findings on a variety of important generational topics.

On The Center for Generational Kinetic’s (CGK’s) website, you’ll find generational research on trends and topics such as spending, employment, trust, technology, and communication—as well as examples of CGK’s custom research for clients around the world.

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