About The Center for Generational Kinetics

The Center is dedicated to unlocking the potential of every generation. The Center’s research, speaking, and consulting teams work with over 180 clients each year around the world.

The Center is a trusted resource for CEOs, boards, investment funds, leaders, and the media.

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Can you tell us about The Center for Generational Kinetics?

Absolutely! The Center for Generational Kinetics (The Center) is a leader in generational research, strategy, and solutions. The Center leads quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral design research. This ranges from global quant studies uncovering the future of the web to retail shop-a-longs, hidden insights focus groups, and much more. What makes The Center different is our unique Generational Context™ approach and commitment to specific, measurable solutions that our clients can put into use right away.

The Center studies all four generations:


  • Boomers: 1946–1964
  • Gen X: 1965–1976
  • Millennials: 1977–1995
  • Gen Z: 1996–earlier



We study them as customers, employees, citizens, and trendsetters. Our client work is all custom, so every project is designed specifically to solve each client’s exact generational challenge or opportunity. We are experts in adapting to each client’s frontline realities and priority constraints, such as working in highly regulated industries like financial services or healthcare.

In a given week, The Center might be working with:

  • Global Automakers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hospital Systems
  • Retailers
  • Tech Companies
  • CPG Brands
  • And many more!

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Do you lead The Center? [Not the answer you’re expecting]

I get asked this question a lot—except by our employees!

The Center is led by our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Denise Villa. Dr. Villa brings a powerful research-driven perspective and bold vision to The Center’s services and solutions. She is the first in her family to graduate from college. She then went on to get her master’s and doctorate degrees. Dr. Villa was previously a science teacher and administrator for middle schools and a high school. Her perspective, education, and experience are hugely valuable as our research team studies Gen Z and Millennials in the context of other generations. We are proud that The Center is a majority woman- and minority-owned business.

What are three fun facts or cool things about The Center?

  • At an employee’s three-year work anniversary, they earn a “Live Your Dream” gift. This is $3,000 they can put toward living a dream they’ve always had, such as a dream vacation. We love seeing what they do!
  • Upon starting work at The Center, each employee receives money to decorate their office space in a way that represents them. This is why our office has all kinds of cool art and unique workspaces.
  • We run an internship program for first-generation college-bound students. Dr. Villa launched this program to help more students prepare for and succeed in college and their careers. Now, these students are graduating from college and coming back to visit us! We love celebrating their success.

How can we contact The Center for more information?

The easiest way is to visit The Center’s website at GenHQ.com.

You can also contact our friendly office at +1 (512) 259-6877 and [email protected]

We love talking Gen Z, Millennials, and generations.

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