Working Closely with Atlas Holdings’ HR Leaders

I’m feeling Inspired! Every year, I have the honor of working closely with a select group of leaders, and it’s truly a journey filled with collaboration, learning, and inspiration. This past year I had this tremendous experience with the fantastic HR leaders at companies across Atlas Holdings.

Month by month, we dive into strategic and tactical workforce conversations, applying what we’ve learned, sharing insights, and celebrating successes. I’m constantly inspired by the dedication and passion these leaders and the larger HR team bring to the table.

Recently, I had the honor of presenting alongside some of these remarkable leaders at the Atlas annual meeting. Their stories of growth, progress, and impact over the past year left me fired up.

These are the leaders out there, day in and day out, making things happen at their companies to create great cultures, teamwork, and impact.

But what makes it even more special is that we’re part of a larger group, where we benefit from each other’s collective experiences and continually experiment with new ideas. It’s a journey I truly value.

This marked my third time presenting at the Atlas annual meeting. This organization and its leaders are pioneers in their field. They’ve breathed new life into manufacturing companies and legacy businesses, and it’s incredible to witness both their results and the culture they’ve fostered.

A huge high-five to each of these HR leaders I had the honor of presenting alongside and learning from in 2023. They are culture shapers, talent developers, and innovation champions, and our monthly interactions are not just educational but also filled with laughter and inspiration.

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