Leading for Growth When Competition is Everywhere

Unlock the Power of Your Defensible Difference®

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Customized Keynote to Full-Day Program

Presentation Overview:

Your industry is more competitive than ever before. New competitors enter every day. You need an actionable approach and inspiration to create the space to grow now. You need a defensible difference®.

Does your business compete in a crowded, established market? Are you looking for new ways to drive growth, further stability, and create measurable gains? In this eye-opening presentation, acclaimed researcher and speaker Jason Dorsey shares a new way to approach leading for growth, specifically designed for leaders at established businesses who are competing in markets where competition is everywhere.

Jason fuels the discoveries in his customized presentation based on his experience leading over 120 business-focused research studies, working with over 700 diverse clients, serving on public and private company boards of directors, and co-founding two Inc 5000 companies. This instantly engaging program inspires, entertains, evokes new ideas, and delivers the missing insights on how to drive growth when your market and business are well established.

The centerpiece of the program is Jason’s pioneering solution for driving sustained growth at established businesses: unlocking the power of a defensible difference®.

This unique strategy fuels a combination of focus, growth, and results. Jason shares step-by-step how to:

  • Apply new thinking and tools to instantly compete differently than your competition in ways they can’t duplicate
  • Uncover your unique defensible difference to win in today’s competitive market
  • Lead for growth that reinforces both stability and measurable results

The solution is understanding your business through a defensible difference® lens to instantly create more value for all stakeholders when competitors are everywhere. This is the missing, insights-driven approach to leading for growth that they don’t teach in business school!

This program is ideal for leaders at all levels who desire a new approach and practical strategies to solve the challenge of growth with an established business.

In Leading for Growth When Competition is Everywhere, you’ll see firsthand what Jason Dorsey has uncovered leading research for more than 120 companies—and why he’s received over 1,000 standing ovations for his presentations. You’ll also see why Adweek calls Jason Dorsey a “research guru.”

What makes Jason unique and instantly credible?

In addition to founding two Inc 5000 companies, Jason has served on both private and public company boards of directors. He is also on retainer with private equity and venture capital firms to drive faster growth with their portfolio companies. He brings a practical focus that is exactly what leaders need to know now.

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“Our Access: Innovation event draws industry leaders and executives nationwide. No speaker commanded the attention and interest of our attendees as well as Jason. His earnest mix of energy, well-researched perspective, well-timed humor, and practical insights made his keynote the talk of our event and the highest-rated presentation. He gave our attendees exactly what we wanted—a fresh, insightful, deeply tailored understanding of how to better serve their…customers and why such service is critical for competing differently and succeeding in fiercely competitive markets.”

–Dale Pollak, Senior Vice President, Cox Automotive, Founder vAuto

“Jason Dorsey delivers incredible…insights and strategies that will future-proof your business. His deep domain expertise, engaging speaking style, and thought-provoking insights are the best in the business. I have had Jason speak to my clients, our industry, and our top leadership team as he provides an incredible and actionable foundation for driving growth in any business.”

–Chris Perry, President, Broadridge Financial Solutions

“Jason Dorsey was awesome and one the best keynote speaker we’ve ever worked with. He spent time learning about our company, leaders and what was important us. He energized our event. He connected with 3,600 of our leaders the moment he took the stage. It was incredible to experience. He had them laughing, taking notes, interacting with each other, and deeply focused through his entire one-hour keynote. He was by far our highest-rated speaker. If you’re looking for a speaker that combines new insights, great energy, candid stories, and specific actions you can use immediately, I highly recommend Jason Dorsey. He delivers!”

–Travis Garza, Global CEO, Juice Plus+

Research Discovery: Employed and not employed Americans agree that a leadership style focused on consistency (clear and reliable expectations) and Leadership characteristics focused on good communication skills including listening brings out their best performance as an employee. 

(2023 State of Gen Z® National Study)

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