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Managing Across Generations Fast-Start Online Training

Managers and leaders are challenged to communicate, motivate and innovate across two, three, even four generations at the same time. This was not supposed to happen and it’s creating all kinds of new issues for managers and leaders of every generation.

In Jason’s Managing Across Generations Fast-Start Online Training, you get the expert insights you need to understand and solve the challenge of managing multiple generations at the same time.

Jason shows you specific strategies for managing and leading:

  • Millennials and Gen Y
  • Generation X
  • Baby Boomers
  • Traditionalists

The interactive online training features over 40 minutes of Jason’s live teaching and strategies taken from actual events and in-studio training. Each lesson includes a print-ready reinforcement tool for applying the learning right away.

This interactive training is the fast start that solves your challenge of managing multiple generations at the same time with less stress and better results.

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Managing Across Generations Fast-Start Online Training.

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Your instant online access includes…

  • Answers You’ve Been Looking For – The training dives into the mindset of all four generations in the workforce. These are the answers you’ve been looking for on how to understand each generation in the context of your own.
  • Video Training With A Live Event Feel – Watch and learn from Jason teaching you what you need to know now in his unforgettable speaking style.
  • Reinforcement Tools – Quickly apply strategies and tactics from the training through a printable “Top Performer Handout” that goes with each lesson for easy, ongoing reference. These tools enable you to take immediate action for fast results.

What leaders say about Jason’s message

open quote

Jason’s keynote speech at our International Management Conference was a huge hit! In an industry where talented employees are at a premium and retention is critical to success, Jason’s viewpoint was timely, engaging and thought-provoking. His understanding, not only of his own generation, but of those who hire and work with them makes his message all the more relevant. close quote


Katie Taylor, President and CEO
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Jason keynoting the Million Dollar Roundtable. He received a standing ovation from 6,000 sales leaders from around the world.

Jason with attendees after keynoting Taco Bell’s National Franchisee Conference. His speech to 1,000 franchisees received a standing ovation!

Jason with Jim Gillespie, CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Jason’s keynote on selling across generations received a standing ovation from the 1,200 Coldwell Banker attendees!

Jason speaking to 6,000 Gen Y and Millennial leaders in New York City. He received a standing ovation!