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The Pandemic Has Changed College Dramatically

Colleges and universities across the U.S. were forced to rapidly move to an online format or close completely this past March as they quickly tried to adapt to a situation most have never encountered before: a global pandemic. Now that the fall semester is on the horizon, colleges are trying to determine what higher education should look like in Fall 2020.

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Communicating During a Crisis

The last month has been a challenging time, and employees, customers, and colleagues are looking to company founders for leadership and guidance. What should you say to people who are concerned about their jobs and their future? I shared my experience-based suggestions in a guest post for Next Coast Ventures.

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COVID-19: “The 9/11 of Generation Z”

As I shared with Axios in their recent article, “COVID-19 is going to be the 9/11 of the Gen Z generation.” Yet the extent of the current crisis is unknown, especially as it is still unfolding in real-time. How all of these rapid changes to daily life affect people’s mental health is not yet fully realized (though it will likely have negative effects).

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COVID-19 Will Define Gen Z And The Next Generation

As a generational researcher and strategist, I am closely researching the impact of COVID-19 on Gen Z. The oldest members of this rapidly-emerging generation are already 24 years old. My team is monitoring how the pandemic will change the attitudes, behaviors, and expectations of this generation.

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Marketing to Millennials and Gen Y: Build trust with authenticity

Authenticity may be the biggest driver in Millennial (aka Gen Y) brand selection. CGK has discovered that Millennials have split into two distinct economic groups. To win Millennials as clients, market leaders should keep this in mind. A recent Association of National Advertisers (ANA) article quotes me and other experts. They discussed Millennial consumers and their emergence into later adulthood.

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