Speaking In-Person(!) to Over 700 Leaders from Across the U.S.

Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so excited to share that I was back on stage and speaking in-person to over 700 leaders from across the U.S.!!

Check out the video I filmed of the ballroom. They had three huge screens, a bumping sound system, great lighting, and all kinds of unexpected moments—from a convention center room devoted to dogs from the Humane Society that attendees could pet (really!) to self-serve ice cream and a lot of entertainment. The event was action-packed from beginning to end. I was so excited to be back on a stage (and also off of the stage, in the audience while presenting—for those of you who have seen me speak in-person).


Candidly, I have missed the energy, excitement, laughter, and learning of a full convention center ballroom. This event was the first large ballroom keynote I’ve delivered since March 20, 2020. I was incredibly inspired to share my message about unlocking the potential of every generation with these amazing business owners and leaders from across the US!!

During the in-person event (it feels so good to keep typing that!) I shared how to unlock the potential of every generation, separating generational myth from truth about Gen Z to Boomers, and then diving into a “roll up your sleeves” executive session where I went deep into both employment and sales strategies that we uncovered work best now. 

In total, I spoke for 3.5 hours at the event. I loved every minute of it! 

If you have an in-person event coming up, please reach out. I’d love to speak for you! I have all-new presentations and specific, ready-to-use strategies that work right now to drive results from recruiting and retaining Gen Z and Millennials to selling and marketing across multiple generations. 

Thank YOU for being on this journey with me—whether that is in-person, virtual, or a combination of both! I look forward to seeing you in a conference ballroom soon!

Gen Z Generations Keynote Speaking

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Gen Z Generations Keynote Speaking

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