In-Person Events with Book Signings are Back—and They’re So Much Fun!

Book Signing in Oregon

We’re friends, so I’m just going to say it: I have really, really missed signing books and visiting with event attendees after my speeches. I love these interactions because I get to answer great questions, make new friends, and take tons of photos. For these reasons and more, I was excited to speak in person to more than 300 civic leaders from communities across Oregon and then do a big Zconomy book signing! 

Not only do these inspiring civic leaders take responsibility for keeping their communities safe, but they are committed to learning, growing, and rising to whatever challenge they need to serve their communities. The event featured four generations of leaders, and they inspired me—and it shows in the photos! 

At the event, I focused my message on separating myth from truth about four key generations: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. What made this exciting for attendees (and me) was having all four generations in the room for my presentation! When I get to speak to multi-generational audiences, I make sure to include a lot of interactive activities where they share stories, experiences, breakthroughs, and more. I find this generational empathy really important to foster whenever possible as it leads to trust, understanding, and innovation.  

After busting through many generational myths, we dove into the key trends and factors that shape generations and, most importantly, why. Then we talked about the specific actions participants could take to rapidly build connection, trust, and influence with each generation. These actions are especially important for these civic leaders to know as they serve all four generations in challenging, high-stress, high-stakes situations where someone’s life is truly at stake. Their ability to rapidly connect across generations not only keeps people and communities safe but literally saves lives. They do amazing work.

After my half-day keynote, all 300 leaders received copies of my latest bestselling book, Zconomy, from the event organizer! We had so much fun at the book signing—which included great questions, photos, videos, and lots of Sharpie marker usage. It was exciting to sign books for a dedicated group of leaders at their first in-person event in a long time. What an energizing and wonderful experience! 

I love my work and was thrilled to spend a half-day with these fantastic leaders who fulfill such meaningful needs in their communities. I look forward to many more in-person events this month.

If you would like me to speak at your next event—including a fun book signing, meet-and-greet, and action-packed Q&A session for your leaders, please reach out to Emily Boyd by clicking here. I would love to design a custom program specifically for you and your attendees. I know we can unlock the potential of every generation together!

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