Speaking to Thousands of Leaders Around the World As An Avatar!!

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Surreal! I just spoke to thousands of leaders around the world as an AVATAR!!! Yes, you read that right, I was an avatar (check out the photos). 

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Last week, I keynoted eXp’s global shareholder summit—as an avatar (saying that will never get old!). The event was incredible. We had people joining from all over the world as their favorite avatar—and everyone was super active on the chat throughout my keynote. Super active as in it was hard to read because the chats were flowing so fast! 

The best part: I got to preview brand-new, never-before-seen research we led for eXp about Emerging Real Estate Trends: What Customers Really Want when it comes to buying or selling a home! It was incredible to share new insights into:

  • What home sellers actually care about the most.
  • Why home buyers and sellers want every agent engagement to have the option of being digital.
  • What the future of home buying and selling will look like.

The coolest part: the national study had over 2,000 participants, all of whom had recently bought a home, plan to sell a home within a year, or plan to buy a home within the year.

This was my second year to keynote this amazing global event for eXp and their leadership team—and I loved every second of it. Yes, I’m ready for more in-person events (and I have several coming up!), but a well-done interactive global, virtual event in a virtual world is an awesome experience for all. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me!!!

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