Partnering with RealPage on a Groundbreaking New Research Study

Woo hoo! I LOVE unexpected research discoveries!!! So, I’m FIRED UP about RealPage’s groundbreaking National Renter Study release! This study busted so many MYTHS about renting in America today. I had the honor to share the discoveries on the main stage at RealWorld 2023 in front of 1,400+ inspiring attendees representing every aspect of the industry.

I loved seeing the generational differences uncovered in the national study, hearing the audible “wow!!!!” from the audience with each slide reveal, as well as quantifying hidden behavioral trends transforming renting and the future of renting. So. Many. Great. Discoveries!

My favorite insight? The national study of 2,000 current renters revealed that almost half of ALL renters (48%) choose to rent because it gives them more financial freedom. In fact, 51% of Generation Z feel that renting is a better option than buying! Across generations, today’s renters also like that they can live in places that they otherwise could not afford so they can be closer to their work, school, fun, friends, and a better lifestyle. And the study revealed how renters want to communicate with property managers (hint: it’s not seeing them in person!).

A study of this magnitude took many months of collaboration and work to design, field, and deeply analyze. It was inspiring to see firsthand the passion and focus on data-driven discovery that the entire RealPage, Inc. team brings to their industry. My favorite part of the grand research reveal: The LIVE Q&A session on the main stage with industry guru Jay Parsons. Jay lit up the room leading our “economists-meets-researcher” rapid-fire conversation. He is so insightful—and funny. So. Much. Fun.

BIG congratulations to the entire RealPage team for making a study of this magnitude happen.

Thank you to all the leaders behind the scenes who brought this bold research project to life!

And BIG thank you to my research team at The Center for Generational Kinetics for being great partners in this endeavor.

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