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I’ve Delivered Virtual Presentations to More Than 100,000 Leaders in over 100 Countries

Right now I’m doing a lot of virtual events and I love it! In fact, last week I did 5 events in 5 days! Some of the events are me delivering a keynote in a professional film studio here in Austin, some events are using Zoom, and others are leveraging different technologies to create a unique experience.

One fun thing I’m doing—which attendees and clients seem to love—is if my presentation is being recorded and streamed later rather than delivered live, I’m logging on and answering questions in the Chat throughout the presentation and then doing a Q&A right after. This has been fantastic as it adds an interactive dimension while also reducing the risk of any streaming issues. Plus, I get to go deeper into the content while answering specific questions—all live!

As you know, I am inspired to share CGK’s unique and extensive generational research (over 65 generational studies), unparalleled insights, and practical solutions with my high-energy presentation style. This combination of engaging style, unique content, and practical take-action is what clients and audiences seem to love—and keep from making an event boring!

Some of the custom virtual work I’m doing right now are VIP roundtables for the best clients of my clients, such as in software, insights presentations for institutional investor events, as well as custom webinars for leaders around the world. Each of these is a different twist on delivering virtual events while meeting a different client need, from engaging employees and sharing unexpected best practices for leading remotely to driving sales, loyalty, and new leads.

Watch me delivering a virtual keynote and sharing my latest research on the impact of COVID-19 on each generation:

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You can read all about my virtual offerings, from interactive keynotes and custom webinars to VIP roundtables and client-sponsored podcast series by clicking here.

Here is what two recent clients say:

“Jason is the best I’ve ever seen at conducting a virtual keynote and powerful online presentation. The insights were powerful and the takeaways highly actionable.”

—Ryan Wuerch, CEO, Dosh

“Thank you for a fantastic presentation on Inspiring and Leading in Unprecedented Times. It was timely, informative, educational, and infused with the enthusiasm that you always bring to the table. You can’t help but get excited and energized by the results of CGK’s research and your knowledge and passion to share what you’ve learned. Everyone walked away with a renewed sense of how we can all work together effectively in this new normal.”

–Rob G Darden, CAE, CMP, Executive Vice President

Whether you want me to headline your most important customer event, deliver a content-rich webinar to energize your now remote team, or a VIP virtual roundtable for 10 special guests, I guarantee I can create a customized program that delivers results.

To request information about my virtual events, please email [email protected]

Virtual Events Have Never Been More Important or Better

In these difficult times where large in-person gatherings cannot currently be held, a spectacular virtual speaker can make all the difference in keeping engagement levels high and driving results—whether that is motivation and performance or lead generation and customer engagement. This is especially important when trade associations and businesses in all industries now must adapt to navigate through these times.

The moment for having a virtual keynote speaker or virtual event partner has never been better. I am in the media every week for our new generational research discoveries… and that includes in my new book coming out soon!

Along with CGK’s CEO Denise Villa, Ph.D., we have written a groundbreaking new book covering all the essential topics related to Gen Z, including how they shop, work, relate to technology, drive trends, and much more. The book, Zconomy, How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business—and What to Do About It, is essential reading for all leaders looking to connect with the newest generation of employees, consumers, and trendsetters.

How Can We Be A Resource for Your Next Virtual Event, Meeting, or Conference?

Give me a call (or Zoom…) and we can talk about it!

We not only deliver the most up-to-date virtual content using the latest virtual event technology, but I am available to help you every step of the way: Starting with understanding which technology we’ve seen work best (and what to avoid!), marketing the event every step of the way, not only for the most registrations, but for the actual attendance, and then delivering post-event resources to really drive home the message and action. We are here as your virtual event partner every step of the way.

Contact my friendly team here to request information on our custom virtual programs and availability. We are all in this together and we look forward to working with you to deliver an amazing virtual event.

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