Gen Z and the Overwhelming Power of Reviews

How many reviews does Gen Z read before making a first-time purchase online?

Watch the short video where I share the answer from our new State of Gen Z 2018 research report.

One of the things we were curious about for this year’s study is how Gen Z interacts with ratings and reviews.  

What we uncovered is that 68% of Gen Z (a huge %) read at least three reviews before making a first time purchase online. That means 3 strangers influence their first-time buying decisions!

Discover so much more about Gen Z in our new State of Gen Z 2018 report, including their buying process, how they earn money, and the number of brands they follow on social media.

The report is totally free for you and filled with 36 pages of charts, graphs, commentary, and more to understand this generation as consumers and trendsetters.

You can download the entire study by clicking here.

Thank YOU for being on this journey with me. I hope you enjoy reading the State of Gen Z 2018!

How can I help you solve a generational challenge with employees or consumers?

As you know, I’m passionate about separating generational myth from truth through data. Whether it’s launching a new car and rebranding a hotel chain or driving Gen Z employee recruitment and retention, I love sharing our discoveries and using our generational data to drive measurable gains for our clients.

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Gen Z Research Findings

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