Gen Z Follows Online Influencers

In our new State of Gen Z 2018 research report, we uncovered how strongly Gen Z feels about online influencers.

It’s pretty shocking! Watch the short video for all the details…

One of my favorite findings from the national study

More than 10% of Gen Z follow 50 or more online influencers. 50!!! Wow.

Gen Z is a generation that is heavily impacted by online influencers for all kinds of decisions.

Uncovering how strong that relationship is and how many influencers they follow helps us to determine the best ways brands can use online influencers to attract and keep Gen Z as customers and advocates.

We lead this research every year to uncover new data-driven insights about Generation Z as consumers, employees, and trendsetters—and how they compare to Millennials.

Download the entire 36-page study for free and get ALL the best insights from this year. Here is the link to download the State of Gen Z 2018 report.
I hope you enjoy reading it! Together we will help separate myth from truth about generations!

Thank YOU for being on this great journey with me.

How can I help you solve a generational challenge with employees or consumers?

As you know, I’m passionate about separating generational myth from truth through data. Whether it’s launching a new car and rebranding a hotel chain or driving Gen Z employee recruitment and retention, I love sharing our discoveries and using our generational data to drive measurable gains for our clients.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end of this blog! I’m inspired by your interest in my mission and work. Please reach out to my friendly team if you’d like me to speak at an event for you or explore how we could lead custom research or consulting to solve a challenge. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Gen Z Research Findings

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