About Jason Dorsey

“Jason Dorsey is one of the most compelling
and engaging speakers I’ve come across
in my career.

In fact, ‘speaker’ does not adequately describe Jason, who is equal parts researcher, social anthropologist and entertainer.”

Stephen Cannon, President & CEO
Mercedes-Benz USA

Jason Dorsey wrote his first best-selling book at age 18.
He’s been on an adventure ever since.

Known as The Gen Y Guy®, Jason has been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show,
The View, The Early Show
and dozens more. His repeat clients include industry leaders
such as Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons Hotels, SAS, Wells Fargo and VISA.

Jason’s gift is solving tough generational challenges for companies and leaders.

Over 1,000 Standing Ovations–and no PowerPoint

Jason has received over 1,000 standing ovations » What Jason’s clients say » What Jason’s clients say » What Jason’s clients say » What Jason’s clients say » What Jason’s clients say » What Jason’s clients say from audiences as large as 16,000–all without
PowerPoint. Delivered in his trademark speaking style, Jason shares brand-new insights
backed up by his original research and ready-to-use actions. He’s funny, too.

A key takeaway for audiences: Generations are not a box, but powerful clues that drive
measurable results. More sales. Better leaders. Faster innovation.

Jason brings a new take on generations to 16,000 business owners. His speech received a huge standing ovation!

Millennials Researcher

Jason’s day job is Chief Strategy Officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. In this role he leads
custom research and goes behind the scenes with companies and their data around the world.

His frontline exposure to emerging trends keeps his clients ahead of the curve.

Bestselling Author

Jason wrote his first bestselling book at age 18 (slight overachiever). His newest books
are Y-Size Your Business and My Reality Check Bounced! He also writes the popular
Maverick Minute column for Success Magazine.

Award-winning Entrepreneur

Jason won the “Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year” Award at age 25, one of the youngest
winners ever. He now serves as a board member and advisor for venture-backed and
emerging technology companies. The boards he serves on range from social learning
and consumer services to prescriptive analytics.

And, yes, he texts his mom every day—without vowels.

And when he’s not working?

He’s probably wearing flip flops and eating Tex-Mex with friends.

Find out for sure. Connect with Jason now on: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Jason visits with attendees after keynoting Taco Bell’s National Franchisee Conference. His speech to 1,000 franchisees received a standing ovation!

Jason brings a new take on generations to 16,000 business owners. His speech received a huge standing ovation!


Jason is the go-to guy on Millennials. Click to watch him onThe Early Show.

Jason’s speaking and research takes him around the world. He’s headlined events from India and Mexico to Norway and Egypt.



Jason Dorsey is a thought leader on Millennials, Gen Y and bridging generations.
Jason Dorsey teaches leaders how to make each generation in their workplace and marketplace a competitive advantage. He helps managers bridge generational disconnects, leaders increase innovation across generations, and marketers drive sales based on cross-generation best practices. With four generations in the workplace, and five or more in the marketplace, Jason’s message delivers results.

Speaking: No PowerPoint Necessary
Recognized as The Gen Y Guy®, Jason is an acclaimed generational keynote speaker, Millennials author, and award-winning Gen Y entrepreneur. His trademark speaking style—which doesn’t include PowerPoint—has taken him to all 50 states and as far away as Egypt, Finland, Spain, and India. Fortune 500 clients repeatedly hire Jason to solver their generational challenges because his message is engaging, actionable, and bottom-line focused. The numbers speak for themselves: 2,000 keynote speeches in 14 years—and standing ovations from audiences as large as 13,000.

Add your event to the 120 executive summits, high-profile meetings, and international conferences Jason keynotes annually.

Media: The Gen Y Guy Says It How It Is—and sometimes without vowels
A proud member of Gen Y (who texts his mom every day), Jason has been featured as a Millennials and generational expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View, in Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and over 100 other media outlets. Jason draws on his unique perspective as a member of Gen Y who has spoken with 400,000 of his peers on issues ranging from workplace beliefs and education preferences to online shopping habits.

Jason is also known for memorable Millennials quotes, like this one published in the Wall Street Journal,
“Yes, if I go into a hardware store, I want advice from someone over age 60, because he could build my house with a screwdriver. But if I walk into an Apple store, I want the young person with blue hair and stretched earlobes, because he can talk to my computer.”
To schedule a media interview with Jason as your generational expert, click here.

And The Award Goes To…the guy who started out sleeping on a floor

Like the majority of his generation, Jason wanted to own his own business. He just started, well, early. At age 18, and a Junior at the University of Texas at Austin Business Honors Program, Jason authored and self-published his first Gen Y book, Graduate to Your Perfect Job, in his college dorm room. Publishing his own book landed Jason $50,000 in debt and sleeping on the floor of a tiny garage apartment. He never felt more alive, vulnerable—or in hot water with his parents.

Through hard work and innovation Jason turned his first book into a full-service Milllennials speaking, training, and consulting organization. He won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at age 25—one of the youngest winners ever. This moment was even more meaningful because his 82-year-old grandfather flew in for the ceremony.
Since taking the risk to write and publish his first book for Millennials in his college dorm room, Jason’s books have sold more than 250,000 copies. Here are his books in order of most recent publication:

Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business
In Y-Size Your Business, Jason shares more than 50 best practices for employing Millennials and Gen Y. These best practices increase on-the-job performance, reduce operational costs, and strengthen Gen Y employee loyalty.

My Reality Check Bounced!: The Gen Y Guide to Cashing In On Your Real-World Dreams
My Reality Check Bounced! is Jason’s peer-to-peer guide for Millennials to find success and meaning in the real world. This book helps Millennials and Gen Y conquer their fears, get a head start on a great career, and find a motivating life direction.

Where is Jason Now?
Probably drinking coffee or eating Tex-Mex with friends. Find out for sure by connecting with Jason on:.

  • Twitter: Twitter.com/jasondorsey
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/jasondorsey
  • Facebook: Facebook.com/JasonRyanDorsey

At age 20, Jason keynoted his first national conference for 5,000 people with First Lady Barbara Bush. Notice Jason was still wearing braces!

Jason with President Clinton. At age 21, Jason was the youngest person appointed to serve on the board of Directors for the National Campaign Against Youth Violence.

Yes, Jason knows how to rock the socks.

Jason with family after winning the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year at age 25! The best part was Jason’s 80-year-old grandfather was at the event.