Speaking at the Superbowl of Out of Home Advertising

When you were a kid, was there a career you were really excited about? A job that sounded super cool to you and captured your imagination about the future?

When I was in high school, one career that really interested me was marketing and advertising. I even competed in our school’s DECA Marketing Club and attended their national convention! Well, I didn’t become a marketer. Instead, I ended up becoming a researcher, writer, and speaker, but I have a deep love for marketing and advertising.

I love experiences that engage people where they are with a message that speaks to them. So, you can imagine my excitement to keynote the 2023 OAAA Out of Home Media Conference attended by execs from all the big marketing, ad agency, and billboard companies. It truly is the Super Bowl of out-of-home advertising!

The energy in the hallway conversations was on fire! OAAA had pioneering technology thinkers on stage from Meta to Napster (really!), endless innovative brands, and seasoned execs who have “been there, seen that.” I spoke twice at the conference.

First, I spoke for their CEOs at a private CEO summit. We got *very candid* about the hidden and emerging consumer trends that our research team has discovered. Then I keynoted the main stage event following one of my favorite recording artists, Tyler Hubbard. Wild. He asked me if I wanted a photo together, uh yes! (My daughter, Rya, was so impressed btw) The audience’s response to my research, discoveries, and strategies fired me up! So did the laughter and the interactions, you know I spoke from the audience during my keynote…

I have deep respect for OOH advertisers and marketers because they’re driving engagement across generations and geographies through all kinds of billboards, experiences, and signage at a time of intense distraction. Seeing their innovation makes me very optimistic about the future of this great industry. It was an honor to be on this journey of speaking and research with them.

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