Keynoting for THE Orlando Magic!!

Dream. Come. True!!! I keynoted the BIG Orlando Magic Partner Summit!!!!!! Yes, THE NBA TEAM invited me, a fan who was 4’10” in high school, to keynote their Summit! It. Was. Incredible!!!

And it was extra special for me because Denise joined me for all the Summit events including meeting past Orlando Magic players, watching the exciting game from incredible seats(!), and getting to see firsthand all the amazing experiences the organization creates for fans, partners, and stakeholders.

During the pre-reception I even got to try my luck playing old-school Gen X arcade games (Centipede and Pac-Man)—and, yes, my Gen X wife beat me at all of them. Every. Single. Time.

At the Partner Summit, I got to listen to inspiring National Basketball Association (NBA) leaders, such as Mark Tatum, and was wowed by all the data, analytics, trends, and insights he and his organization are leveraging to create greater fan experiences across the league and around the world.

I also learned about the fantastic innovations that the Orlando Magic organization is leading when it comes to partner activations, fan engagement, community support, international reach, and immersive experiences. The NBA is so much more than exciting basketball. It is truly a platform for bringing people together in person and digitally.

In my work with sports teams, I’ve learned that so much goes on behind the scenes in professional sports— from selecting the players and building the teams we all know and love, to running the business side of the organization, leading the charitable initiatives, and all the activities in between. Seeing firsthand how the Orlando Magic is leading the way in delivering memories for their fans and partners (including for me and Denise!) continued to open my eyes to all the unique ways sports can create an emotional, unforgettable, inspiring experience.

I’m grateful to Alex for inviting me to the event and to all the Orlando Magic leaders and partners—from PepsiCo to Jason Siegel—who made my Partner Summit so unforgettable. It is great to work with an organization and brand leaders who live their values on and off the court!!!! I will always remember it!

And BIG thanks to each of you who have been on this journey with me from giving free speeches at age 18 in exchange for lunch at Pizza Hut (true story) to now speaking for the NBA! What a journey. I’m so grateful. Thank you for being on this journey of research and speaking with me.

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