How to Recruit Gen Z with Employee Referrals

What is the best way to drive direct employee referrals of other applicants??

Watch the short video for a specific strategy you can use right away.

Our research shows that current employees are often the best source of new employees. This is true across multiple industries.  

However, most employee referral programs have an offer similar to, “refer your friends and we’ll give you a bonus if they stay a year.”

In our research, we found employees, particularly younger employees, were much more motivated to refer their friends if they received a referral bonus sooner than 12 months.

The solution: give the referring employee a small bonus up front when their friend takes the job, then another small bonus at six months, and then you a final bonus at 12 months.

Smaller bonuses over shorter periods of time drive more referrals with Gen Z and Millennials.

Try it out! Let me know in the comments what other strategies you see working to recruit Gen Z and Millennial employees!

Together we will bridge generations.

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