Advocating for Diverse Speakers: A Passion of Mine

Anyone who knows me knows how much I believe in and support diversity of all kinds. I’ve seen this throughout my life and have personally benefitted from the impact diverse mentors, friends, business partners, educators, and my wife(!) have brought to my life. One of my goals throughout my career is to advocate for greater diversity at all levels in organizations, from corporate boards to investors, executives, new hires, and founders.

One area where I’d love to raise the profile of great, diverse leaders and trendsetters is in the professional speaking world. There are so many fantastic, diverse speakers who bring a powerful message, deep experience, and inspiration—so I had to share five of them right now! Earlier this month, I got to meet with them in a small mastermind group and be inspired by all the magic and wisdom they bring to the world, so I wanted to highlight them to you here! If you haven’t seen these professional speakers deliver their impactful messages, please check them out. And if you have, then you know the impact they can make, so please continue to share your experience with others.

Crystal Washington

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

Dr. Delatorro McNeal II

Dr. Shirley Davis

William “T” Thompson, JD, CSP.

Diversity is one of the most important assets in our world, so I really enjoyed getting to celebrate and learn from these excellent speakers’ experiences. Their wisdom, insights, and talent have helped so many people—including me! I’m grateful to know them, learn from them, and see the impact they’re having in the world.

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