Zconomy Was Featured on Forbes List of Top Four Books to Help You Reach New Levels of Success

Forbes is well known for creating recommended reading lists that make an impact—personally and professionally. So when I learned that Zconomy made a Forbes list, I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

That’s right, Forbes selected my latest book, Zconomy, as one of their top four suggestions for helping you reshape your mindset—breaking through the barriers holding you back in reaching success! I still cannot believe it!

As anyone who has read my books, heard me speak, or seen my TV interviews knows, my journey to becoming a bestselling author, global speaker, and serial entrepreneur has been extremely challenging to say the least. Setbacks. Failure. Rejection. Naysayers. Loss. Sleeping on the floor for two years. I’ve been there, done that. But every experience, no matter how challenging, unexpected, or painful, has shaped me and my mindset to become grateful, resilient, purpose-driven, a lifelong learner, and even more passionate about making generational discoveries. 

Now, I am sure the question on some of your minds might be, “So how is a book about Gen Z going to help me improve my understanding, change my perspective, and give me new strategies to reach new levels of success?” That’s a fantastic question. Well, let me tell you…

As my research at CGK has shown, generational change is driving many of the most important trends affecting our lives, from technology and the economy to education, healthcare, and the workforce. Accurately understanding the mindset, behaviors, generation-defining events, and experiences of Gen Z is critical for leaders of every generation to know. The better we understand Gen Z, the better we can see the future and the trends that are going to reshape our daily lives. This also gives us a huge head start and advantage to drive the connection, trust, and influence needed to bridge generations and unlock Gen Z’s tremendous potential within multi-generational workforces and marketplaces.  

Already, Generation Z is the fastest growing generation in the workforce today, the most valuable generation of emerging consumers, and the greatest driver of technology adoption around the world. Dr. Denise Villa and I researched and co-wrote Zconomy to help leaders in every industry, of every generation, in all geographies best prepare for, understand, and unlock the extraordinary potential of Gen Z at this pivotal time in their emergence. 

At the same time, leaders who don’t invest resources now to understand Gen Z will be at a significant disadvantage and challenge recruiting, retaining, and developing Gen Z talent—as well as customer loyalty and growth. As our research has shown repeatedly, what worked only a few years ago doesn’t work with Gen Z. This generation has a different relationship with technology, employers, businesses, and brands than previous generations. Leaders that simply do what worked in the past will find themselves increasingly losing this generation while driving up expenses and decreasing results. Even more urgent long-term: other generations are consistently behaving more like Gen Z in many ways. Why is this important? Because it means if leaders don’t take the time to learn and strategically adapt to Gen Z, not only will they miss this incredible generation, but over time they will lose older generations of customers and employees, too!  

It’s a huge honor for me and Dr. Villa to have Zconomy recognized on a recommended reading list by Forbes. We hope you’ll order the book (including the audiobook, if you prefer!) on Amazon or your favorite bookseller. It took us more than two years to write Zconomy, and every time we see it recommended, we are inspired all over again! 

Big thanks to each of you along the way who have encouraged us to continue our Gen Z and cross-generation research. We’ve led nearly 100 research studies and have numerous ones going on right now that explore generational behaviors, similarities, differences, and key trends in everything from technology and banking to recruiting and investing. We are grateful for you and all the support of Zconomy

Please check out the list to see the other inspiring books recommended to help you fast-track your mindset for even greater results. If you want to go even deeper into Gen Z and their mindset, please check out our latest State of Gen Z research study reports. They are all free and available for easy download here. 

Thank you, again, Forbes, for putting Zconomy on your list of recommended books! 

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