Texas Monthly Cover Story

Why Millennials in Texas are Leaving Big Cities for Small Towns

I’m excited to share that I am in the cover story of Texas Monthly! This is such a big deal to me for two reasons:

1). As a kid growing up in a small Texas town, my family frequently read Texas Monthly. It was the magazine to read cool stories about what was happening around Texas.

2). The story reveals how younger generations are helping to bring small towns back to life—and bring people of all generations together. This is important in Texas and in so many places around the world.

As I’ve talked about before in my keynote speeches, Gen Z and Millennials are drawn to urban environments. They prefer walkable cities, creative spaces, easy entertainment, local restaurant options, etc.

But sky-high rents combined with student loan debt, stagnate wages, rising insurance costs have caused many Millennials to set their sights outside of city limits where home prices are literally half of what they cost inside urban centers.

Business owners have also found that small towns are ideal for starting and building a business. Employees, office space, and additional resources are often less expensive in nonurban areas, granting them the opportunities and freedom they desire.

And many of these small towns are primed for revitalization. So, while it’s an emerging trend at the moment for younger generations to move out of the city, smaller towns, particularly those strategically close to cities, have the ability to attract and keep young entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.

Please take a second to read the complete Texas Monthly story. It’s filled with great stories about younger generations bringing together small-town communities. Plus, it features my hometown of Brenham, Texas! I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thank you, again, for being on this journey with me to bridge generations!

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