Speaking for Visit Orlando’s Business Insights Meeting

QUESTION: What do you think makes a great meeting or event? I’ve found six elements that create an amazing event—and all were on display at the Visit Orlando Business Insights Meeting! Below are the elements that made the event for 1,000+ leaders such a “wow” experience:

1- Sharing the “why” upfront: The Visit Orlando leadership team kicked off the event sharing the passion and commitment they have for the work they do. It was awesome!

2- Highlighting new *data*: The presentations included brand-new data revealing the hidden trends, ROI, and regional impact of the organization. It was powerful and there were consistent “wows!” across the room as the data was shared.

3- Honoring inclusion: Speakers shared why they are focused on making everyone feel welcome when they visit Orlando, whether for work, family, healthcare, or fun!

4- Bringing the energy: They asked me to go full out on bringing the energy, laughs, and unexpected discoveries to my keynote. When speaking after a great lunch, this is the best setup for a speaker like me. I get to light them up after they have dessert!!

5- Adding surprise: No attendees—not even me—knew that we would get a wonderful Disney concert to close out the event in rhythm and style. Loved it!

6- Making everyone feel valued: All attendees felt included whether first-time guests or long-time supporters. The ovations were loud and meaningful, and the energy was electric from the moment they opened the doors until they sent us off with a great vibe and smiles.

As you may know from previous posts, I get fired up speaking to Destination Marketing Organizations because they serve every generation in a complex and critical time. This includes a diverse range of stakeholders reflecting every aspect of travel and tourism—such as hotels and restaurants to entertainment and transportation—and less obvious local stakeholders such as healthcare organizations and housing providers to workforce education and civic leaders. It’s a tough, tough responsibility but it’s critical to the health and vibrancy of a region.

Thank you to Visit Orlando and all the destination marketing organizations that bring people together from around the world to create memories, support regional economies, sustain jobs, and have a positive impact on the world. Grateful for you!!!

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