Keynoting P&G’s Global Leadership Summit in Cincinnati

I spoke at the HOME of modern marketing! It was everything I imagined and more!! Dream. Come. True. That’s right. I spoke at P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati! I keynoted their Global Leadership Summit. We had senior leaders attending in person and joining at in-person event locations in Singapore and China!!! It. Was. Amazing.

As you know, I have a passion for behavioral research, consumer insights, history, and market trends. All of these came together when I was invited to keynote the Global Leadership Summit for P&G Skin and Personal Care. What you may not know is that P&G has been in business since 1837! They have navigated—and frequently pioneered—huge market change, consumer innovation, marketplace trends, and (my favorite) they basically invented modern marketing. Yep. Pretty much invented and formalized the entire concept.

Knowing they have deep expertise in consumers, insights, data, and trends meant I could deeply focus on the “why” behind the behaviors we are uncovering as Gen Z rapidly emerges, share our discoveries across generations to create Generational Context, and bring it together for a global audience of results-driven leaders. Incredible.

I got to share my latest Gen Z consumer discoveries—and there are a lot of them!—as well as how we’re seeing hidden Gen Z trends reshape markets, consumer expectations, and workforce realities. I then got to host a lively, candid panel with Gen Zers from around the world sharing their POV. They were amazing! One of my favorite parts: answering questions live from senior P&G leaders in Singapore and China on camera. Their questions were thoughtful and data driven. What. An. Experience.

Even more fun for me: This was my third(!) event for this great organization and its subsidiaries. I previously keynoted a full-day innovation event in Singapore (where I found out how much I love chilli crab), delivered an interactive, virtual program on Zconomy during Covid, and now keynoting this global event hosted by the always-inspiring Markus and his team. Amazing.

I am deeply grateful to the amazing P&G team for making one of my career dreams happen: speaking about marketing at the home of modern marketing—and to the senior leaders who are LEADING marketing innovation right now. Plus, I got to experience their wonderful culture firsthand at a great lunch with the leaders and broader stakeholders.

Thank you, Markus and team, for envisioning and creating such an engaging global event and fostering candid, data-driven conversation. Y’all inspire.

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