Keynoting ILTA’s International Conference

Do you like learning about industries that are vitally important but often not talked about? I do! Learning about and working in different industries is one of my favorite aspects of my generational speaking, behavioral research, and solving workforce challenges like recruiting and retention.

This is why I was excited to keynote ILTA’s International Conference. Their members operate in all 50 states and 43 countries. Wow! This industry is critical for enabling all kinds of activities, from transportation and business operations to agriculture, utilities, and much more.

Learning about the industry from ILTA members, leaders, and stakeholders was eye-opening and informative. There are so many workforce opportunities for every generation in this industry, especially when it comes to building a great career. I was inspired to see how industry leaders are adapting to bridge different generations and develop the next generation of leaders.

As their keynote speaker, I was thrilled to share CGK’s research-based insights on how to drive deeper understanding, trust, and workforce outcomes such as recruiting, retention, and communication. I *loved* revealing our latest Gen Z workforce insights, answering questions from their board of directors, and visiting with industry influencers about the innovations they are driving.

Plus, they were a VERY lively morning audience and got me fired up with their laughter, note-taking, and out-loud engagement. I am grateful to get to serve leaders—and get inspired when we have four generations in one ballroom! BIG thanks to the entire team at ILTA for hosting such a great International Operating Conference and Trade Show and for continuing to lead the industry forward with innovation and inspiration.

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