Keynoting McKesson ideaShare

Fired up!!!!!!!! A standing ovation on a Saturday morning in Las Vegas! Huge thank you to McKesson ideaShare and their 1,500 community pharmacists! WOW! Check out the behind-the-stage photo. The best part: I got to share how a pharmacy leader was one of the first people to invite me to speak when I was 19 years old.

Yep, they invited me to share my story and passion for helping my generation with the Texas Pharmacy Foundation when I was still a teenage author sleeping on a floor trying to start my business. I am so grateful to them.

Growing up in a small town, I know the impact of community pharmacists. These local leaders fill so many different roles from completing prescriptions, answering questions, and providing all kinds of resources to being the leader who sponsors local teams, music, charities, and events. I can still see the storefront of the community pharmacist in my small town when I was a kid. It’s inspiring how some things are just so memorable.

In my keynote, I shared how pharmacy leaders can think in a new way about different generations of team members, customers, and the communities they serve. Community pharmacists have a very challenging role being pharmacists, employers, trusted community members, and entrepreneurs. These are most often small businesses in the crosshairs of dramatic healthcare change that are adapting to meet customer and community needs. Many of these attendees were from small towns or downtown urban locations and frequently are called on to serve a variety of needs while being in geographies where they may be the only legacy pharmacy remaining and potentially the only pharmacy in the area.

Strategies I shared included:
– How to recruit different generations of employees without spending more money
– Which free actions stop new-hire ghosting immediately and prepare new team members for success from their very first day
– What works right now to quickly drive connection, trust, and retention when you have multiple generations working together

I am grateful and inspired by McKesson bringing me in to keynote a 5th(!!!) event for them. I love their team’s attention to detail, focus on high-impact content, and desire to make sure the presentation was customized to be a perfect fit for the daily realities of their attendees. Those priorities speak to me!

Big thank you to all the community pharmacists and service-focused leaders who are out there every day helping people of every generation. We are grateful to you.

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