Jason Dorsey Speaks at Summit for Innovative Global Events Team

What is the best live event you’ve ever attended?! Mine changed my life—and my family’s—and is at the bottom of this post. Was your event a concert, festival, celebration, or professional sporting event?

I’m asking because I just keynoted the national Summit for executives leading major venues (think: arenas!), events, experiences, activations, and professional sports teams. It. Was. Incredible. I was like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited digital gift card.

Here is what I learned at the event produced by the inspiring—and hugely innovative—global events team:

  • There is a clear and influential intersection of hospitality, technology, experiences, and human connection
  • Technology alone is not the solution. Neither is hospitality or human connection. It turns out you need all three to create unforgettable events and experiences at scale.
  • How we think about technology and its role is rapidly evolving. This goes way beyond personalization and into intentionally creating experiences that deliver unique memories.
  • People more than anything else are the missing ingredient, but more than being people-first we must be people-centered
  • Everything is measured, but not everything measured delivers the insights we need. It’s how we interpret and act on these insights that unlock innovation.
  • Creativity is only going to get more exciting!!!

My favorite parts of the over-the-top-attention-to-detail event were the incredible food, interactive experiences, and fantastic questions. The way these leaders are thinking about people, digital, experiential, food, trends, and more was jaw-dropping (and opening and closing in the case of all the amazing food!).

I’ve personally seen how live events can change perspectives, trajectories, and lives. I know my life was changed at an in-person event. It was a Willie Nelson 4th of July concert—which is where I met my wife!!!!

It was a huge honor to share CGK’s brand-new discoveries at this amazing summit with so many venue and pro sports team owners at the intersection of hospitality, technology, and experiences.

Big thanks to each of you for being on this amazing journey of research and discovery—and in-person events! I look forward to our paths crossing at an unforgettable experience at an arena, convention center, or stadium!

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