For the first time ever, Rya traveled with me on a “work trip with Dad!”

I’ve waited 11 YEARS for this experience. 11 years! It finally happened. After being on the road for 200+ days a year since Rya was born (except during Covid), I’ve wanted badly for Rya to see me speak at a client event. I wanted her to experience *why* I do what I do—and it finally happened! 💯💯💯

For the first time ever, Rya traveled with me on a “work trip with Dad!” It was even better than I’d imagined.❤️

The national conference was almost entirely female entrepreneurs. They were passionate about their mission to “celebrate your beauty inside and out.” Their brand is all about diversity, creativity, and serving others—which I knew Rya would love. Plus, the event was at the Gaylord Rockies, so it was in a huge ballroom with a fancy production crew, large stage, and multiple cameras and screens!

The night before my keynote, Rya joined me on my tech check and stage walk. My client invited Rya to go on the stage and tell a joke, which she did! Rya asked, “What is an astronaut’s favorite key on a keyboard? The space bar.” Yep. She got her dad’s sense of humor, ha! 👩‍🚀

The next day Rya came to the event early with me and watched everything from backstage. She got to see how the crew, stage manager, A/V, and all the other pieces work together on a huge, multi-day production. 🎥

Right before I took the stage, Rya sat in the audience at a front table so she could see everything. My talk was an hour, and the audience was amazing! Laughing. Cheering. Sharing. Taking notes. They were incredible.

But the biggest surprise for Rya (and me!) was near the end of my talk. I shared that I’ve waited 11 years for my daughter to be old enough to travel with me to an event with a mission I knew she would love…and then I shared that *this* was the event!

I asked the crowd if I could introduce Rya to them, and they said Yes!, so I asked Rya to wave to everyone. To my complete surprise (and Rya’s) they gave her a standing ovation!!!!! It. Was. Unforgettable. I almost started crying.

One of my favorite parts? After my speech, Rya ran up and gave me the biggest hug, said how much fun it was to hear me speak, and that she “didn’t know I was so funny.”

Being away from your family is hard. No matter the job. It’s hard. Especially being gone year after year. Watching Rya finally see what I do and why meant so much to me and her. It doesn’t make up for me being gone, but her asking to go on more speaking trips does make me so happy! We’re already planning our next trip!

I’d like to give a big thank you to my awesome client for making Rya feel so welcome. I also want to give a BIG thank you to our favorite female entrepreneur (and Mom!), Denise, for encouraging us to take this trip together. It was unforgettable and worth all 11 years in the making.

And thanks to each of YOU who have been on this journey with me and my family. We are grateful for YOU! 🎇🎇🎇

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