Building Teamwork Across Different Geographies and Generations

“What can we do to improve collaboration across generations when employees are in different offices or separated by long distances?”

Watch my short video to find out!

Many of us work in organizations where our colleagues or team members are in different locations—maybe even on the other side of the world.

One easy way to drive collaboration and connection, even though it might make some generations uncomfortable, is to use video chat.

When you can see the person you are talking to, you pick up a ton of non-verbal cues that you can’t when talking on a phone. This is why Gen Z loves FaceTime with parents and grandparents: better connection when having conversations.

The same is true for work and collaborating on teams; you just have to be open to trying video chat—and finding a cool background when possible!  

Give video chat a try, particularly if you work with Gen Z or Millennials. It may seem strange at first, but you’ll be surprised how comfortable and effective it becomes the more you use it.

Thank YOU for being on this journey with me—and checking out the backgrounds in my videos!

How can I help you solve your Gen Z challenge?

I’m inspired by your interest in Gen Z and my mission to separate generational myth from truth through data. Please reach out to me if you’d like me to speak at an event or talk about leading custom research that shows you how to unlock the potential of this generation.

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