Who Should Adapt, Millennials or Employers?

One great question asked at three different keynote speaking events!

At each of my last 3 keynote speaking events, I was asked the same question: “Should we as employers have to adapt to Millennials, or should Millennials, as employees, adapt to us?” This is a great question! Watch my short video for the answer.

What I thought was most interesting about this question is that it came up at three very different speaking events.

One event was the Association for Corporate Counsels. The second event was restaurant owners from across the U.S. and the third event was insurance executives primarily based outside the U.S.

They all wanted to know: Who should adapt? The answer is… both!

What we find works best is when each generation takes the time to learn about the other generations and adapt as needed to unlock each other’s potential. This means Millennials should adapt to better work with other generations, just as other generations will find value adapting to better unlock Millennial talent.

The key is that it’s not about catering to any one generation, but every generation understanding and adapting to work across generations. This unlocks generational potential!

As you know, it’s my strong belief that EVERY generation brings great value to work. Recognizing and adapting to maximize this value is a win for all of us.

How can I help you solve your Millennial challenges?

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