Signing 300 Zconomy Books for Healthcare Leaders Across the US!

I LOVE signing Zconomy books for leaders!!! These 300 copies of Zconomy are now in the hands of healthcare leaders, physicians, and administrators across the United States!

I was fired up to see how excited the healthcare professionals were to receive copies of our bestselling book at their Summit. In fact, several asked if they could take extra copies for their team (and some for their family lol). The best part was: They shared with me during the meet-and-greet how they plan to use the strategies in Zconomy and my presentation to bridge generations in their practices. Yesssssss!

For those who haven’t read Zconomy, the book reveals new research and practical, low-cost, or no-cost solutions to solving an urgent workforce challenge: recruiting, retaining, and motivating Gen Z employees in a multi-generational workforce.

Zconomy also shares our research team’s unexpected insights into Gen Z as consumers and technology trendsetters. These insights are more valuable now than ever before, as each day Gen Z upends more consumer trends and they are now the fastest-growing generation in the workforce!!

What was especially meaningful about this book signing was that the audience of healthcare leaders serve five different generations of patients and have four generations working on their team. They provide a critical source of care for the healthcare challenges facing families daily and they are passionate about helping every generation. Every. Single. One.

Big thanks to my amazing client for purchasing a copy of Zconomy for each attendee and for allowing time for me to personalize the books while visiting with everyone after my closing event keynote.

Fun fact: My daughter, Rya, took this photo right before my book signing—and she’s in the book!!!

Big thanks to each of YOU for being on this journey of research, speaking, writing—and book signings—with me. I hope to speak at an event or sign a book for you sometime soon.

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