You Might Be Wondering: Does Our Speaking and Research Drive Results? Video Proof: Repeat Client Shares Their Experience Solving Generational Challenges

Most of my speaking clients and research clients are repeat clients or direct referrals. This has been our growth strategy at CGK since we were founded in 2011. No outbound sales. No fancy advertising. Just focusing on doing great work for clients and letting the results open doors for us to work with more leaders.

I love working with repeat clients because I get to know their team, culture, challenges, opportunities, and strengths over a long period. Going into the details with clients and working with their teams consistently also builds momentum for action, buy-in, trust, innovation, and results across their organization. Repeat clients also lead to case studies which I LOVE because it shows how we worked together to solve their generational challenges. So…. 

I’m thrilled to share this video and quick case study overview from a great company, repeat client, and all-around innovator in their highly traditional industry, Supportworks. They have a unique approach to serving their construction industry customers by focusing on delivering education, resources, and tools that make their customers more successful, which in turn makes their customers more loyal, and as their businesses grow, so does Supportworks’ business. This is unusual in their industry because their competitors focus on rigid contracts, whereas Supportworks doesn’t focus on contracts but rather giving value first and often. You can tell why I am fired up about this great client and their commitment to serving others.   

After keynoting their big annual convention in 2021 (standing ovation!), they asked me to work with them on a first-of-its-kind national study focusing on recruiting and retention specific to their industry: foundation repair. The study couldn’t be more urgent and high stakes as their industry faces a massive labor shortage and a disconnect between job seekers and potential employers. In addition, foundation repair companies are turning down work because they don’t have enough employees. 

The custom study led to numerous shocking and actionable discoveries, which were transformed by Supportworks into ready-to-use tools, videos, plans, and processes for their customers. Their approach: they took the best insights from my keynote last year, the best discoveries from their custom national study specific to their industry, and then combined all of that with their in-house expertise into a complete, ready-to-use solution that their customers can implement immediately for free. Talk about giving value that delivers ROI! 

When I keynoted their convention this year (which included all-you-can-eat ice cream and an adult-size bouncy house!), Supportworks’ President, Amanda Harrington, revealed the research-based solutions to their customers, and the response was incredible. In fact, within days of the event, Supportworks had already received emails raving about the impact of the strategies and tools on attracting job applicants! 

During the convention, they shared the video included below with this blog about the impact of my work with them on their business after my keynote in 2021. Wowwwwwwwwww! I was so fired up by the video, story, and the results. Please watch the video. 

Working with clients such as Supportworks is what fuels me to keep pushing for new discoveries, solutions, and tools to bridge generations. Leading the first-ever national recruiting study in the foundation repair industry was exciting and delivered exactly what we sought: hidden trends and new solutions the industry could use immediately—many of which are low cost or no cost and drive tangible outcomes. I. Love. This. Work! 

This collaboration is also personal to me because Supportworks’ customers are primarily family-owned businesses in a large, growing, but highly fragmented and often overlooked industry. I grew up in a family-owned business and know firsthand the challenges of employment and bridging generations. After hearing their customers’ employment struggles last year, meeting with those same business owners at this year’s conference was inspiring. I got to hear firsthand story after story about how CGK’s work combined with Supportworks’ reinforcement led to breakthroughs in recruiting, retention, and trust across generations. In fact, Baby Boomer contractors gave me high-fives while thanking me for the impact on their business!! This is exactly why I do this work.

I’m so inspired by what Supportworks is all about (and why they are a repeat best places to work award winner) and how their own family-led business continues to grow and evolve in the service of others.

Reach out to me if you’d like to work on a custom national study to solve the most important workforce or customer challenges facing your organization. You know I love this work and am determined to drive results. Enjoy the video!

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