Yes!!!!!! My First In-Person Keynote Speech of 2021!!!!

Generational Speaker Jason Dorsey giving an in-person presentation on a stage

I was so excited to keynote a conference in-person with many more in-person events to come!

I am so excited to share that I just delivered my first *in-person* keynote in 2021!!! It felt amazing to be in front of an in-person audience–and I got a standing ovation!

What a journey it has been…

I’ve now keynoted more than 50 virtual events—from global summits with tens of thousands of people to board meetings and insights briefings. I love virtual events. When done well, they are almost like talking one-on-one with each attendee, even if thousands of people are watching online from around the world. But I have to admit I was extra fired up to keynote an in-person conference after all these months of only virtual events and for a client who was bringing me in to keynote an event for the fourth time!

In my custom keynote presentation, I shared our brand-new strategies for leading, communicating, and driving measurable growth during this unique time. I specifically focused on exactly what actions to take over the next 12 months. This included unexpected insights into how different generations are using technology now, exactly what actions build trust and momentum, and new solutions for driving innovation in hybrid work environments.

All of the strategies and insights I shared are based on our brand-new research into the underlying behaviors that drive performance results now. My team and I at CGK have now led more than 65 research studies, with six more studies in the field currently.

After my keynote presentation, I did a live Q&A session—and it lasted over an hour!!! The questions were especially meaningful to me because they were not only about business, marketing, sales, and employment but about family, emerging trends, and what we are predicting post-pandemic. It was fantastic to answer questions from four generations of attendees, to laugh, and be in a moment with so many inspiring leaders.

I was also impressed by the latest social-distancing solutions that meeting planners and hotels now utilize. The organizers implemented smart precautions from pre-arrival to departure. It’s clear to me that event organizers, hotels, and vendors have learned a lot over the last year about organizing fantastic events while keeping everyone safe.

If you’re planning an in-person event later this year, please reach out. I’d love to speak at your event and share with you what I’m seeing works best now for delivering engaging hybrid in-person events–where there is an in-person audience as well as online participants. There are specific strategies I’ve found that work in hybrid events to make everyone feel engaged, heard, and inspired from the opening minute, whether they’re in the ballroom with me or watching via streaming.

And BIG thanks to each of you who continue to support organizations and initiatives that need in-person meetings to come back post-pandemic—especially trade associations, exhibitions, and non-profits. What a journey it has been over the last 12 months…

Thank YOU for being on this journey with me. I look forward to our paths crossing at a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event in 2021!

To contact me for information on my brand-new presentations or to check my availability, please click here or email [email protected]. I am excited to talk with you and for the future of in-person events.

With gratitude,

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