Keynote Speaking at the Amsterdome in Europe

Jason and the Gen Z panel

Sharing New Insights and Research on Gen Z, Millennial and Generations

This past week, I had an incredible experience! I got to speak for 700 CEOs and leaders from across Europe at the Momentum Capital annual NeXt event in the Amsterdome. I always enjoy speaking in Amsterdam—a city rich in history, culture, and generational change.

This particular event was extra special because there were attendees from across the globe, representing numerous diverse industries, including amusements parks, renewable energy, real estate developers, and manufacturing. There were also five generations in the audience: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists.

Being able to share our new Gen Z, Millennial, and generational insights from The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK) with these leaders was so exciting, especially revealing how generational change is upending businesses in Europe. The audience was particularly excited about me sharing my latest how-to strategies for employing and marketing to Gen Z and Millennials in Europe.

The Gen Z Panel that Led to Many “Aha Moments”…

In addition to sharing CGK’s research from around the world, I hosted and moderated a Gen Z panel. This was a great experience and something I’ve been doing frequently, which led to a lot of “aha moments” from the audience. The Gen Z participants shared such great, personal insights.

The part of the panel that was most surprising for many audience members was the role gaming, from Fortnite to Minecraft, has on Gen Z and their social connections. One 13-year-old panelist shared that he has made more than 100 friends playing Fortnite—and most live in countries different than the one where he lives.

A highlight for me during the panel was when one Gen Z participant shared how she changed her use of Instagram once she connected with her parents on the platform. This was very funny because her parents were in the audience!

Bridging Generations Together is My Passion

My favorite takeaway from the event: the generational conversation transcends geography and language. People of all generations and locales can talk about the changes and fast-emerging trends new generations bring, regardless of where they live in the world or what language they speak.

It’s an honor to help demystify generations, share how geography impacts each generation, and provide specific ways to bring every generation together as employees, consumers, trendsetters, and neighbors. I love speaking about generations.

Getting to keynote such a high-profile event with five generations attending, numerous countries represented, and in several languages was such an unforgettable experience. I am forever grateful to have been a part of it.

A huge thanks to my clients for making this possible. I’m fired up that they’ve already asked me to return and speak next year!

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