Jason Dorsey Speaks to First-Time Texas Legislatures

Dream come true!!!!! I spoke to all the new, first-time State Senators and Representatives in Texas!!!!! Wow. It. Was. Unforgettable.

In a time where there is so much division(!) in the world, it was an honor—and I think more urgent than ever—to share new perspectives, data, and strategies that bring us all together. Ideas that unlock possibility and value in everyone!

This group of newly elected state leaders has to bridge generations of constituents and legislators to create positive change. Sharing with them my latest generational and behavioral discoveries and how to bridge these differences was a huge moment for me. Plus, everyone received a copy of Zconomy!

Making it *even more special,* I was invited to deliver the keynote by the President of the The University of Texas at AustinJay Hartzell. UT changed the course of my life, so keynoting a high-profile event for them and President Hartzell was unforgettable! Jay and his leadership at UT are an inspiration and we’re lucky to have his expertise, thoughtfulness, and guidance.

Fun fact: Denise Villa, PhD came to see me speak at this event, the first time she’s come to see me speak in many years. Seeing her sign copies of Zconomy (she’s the co-author!) for the state leaders was such a wonderful memory.

Thank you President Hartzell for your leadership and for inviting me to be a part of your incredible first-time legislator orientation event. I will always remember it—and hook ‘em!

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