Jason Dorsey Keynotes Event for Visit Austin

It is amazing how the past can come full circle at a single event! Closing that circle led to hugs, high-fives, and a great standing ovation. It all started with my first speech at a corporate event at age 18… I remember it clearly. I was invited to speak at a business luncheon held at a hotel in downtown Austin.

I was 18 years old, still wearing braces(!), and both excited and nervous about the speech. My mom even showed up to see what in the world I was up to with this “speaking” business. The talk was a big hit, I signed a lot of books, and got a free lunch. (A big deal because I was completely broke and sleeping on a floor…) Plus, I got to go inside one of the big Austin hotels for the first time. I remember how grand it was in their lobby.

I would never have imagined that all these years later I would have the honor of keynoting the Visit Austin annual meeting—for all the hotel, tourism, hospitality, sports, music, and regional executives who make the meetings, festivals, and events possible. These are the people and the industry that have enabled my career and life adventure.

I’ve given well over 2,000 speeches, but this one was unique because the audience was my home crowd, literally. In the audience were my neighbors (yep!), speaking clients from more than 15 years ago, one of the first professional speakers I met when I was 18 (back then I didn’t even know speaking was a career option), and so many community leaders I respect and admire.

Are you familiar with Visit Austin? This is the organization that promotes and supports all the amazing events, artists, music, food, experiences, sports, culture, and so much more that make Austin a one-of-a-kind destination for business meetings, travel, and leisure experiences.

Visit Austin has a huge impact on this city we love economically, artistically, socially, and so much more. The best part: I got to thank all the hotel, hospitality, restaurant, event, music, and event leaders that bring so much vibrancy, joy, learning, and unique memories to both Austinites and the visitors who enjoy our city every year.

Thank you, Visit Austin, your board, and all your stakeholders who help to make Austin such a wonderful play to visit, play, laugh, learn, and live. We are grateful to you. And thank you for the amazing standing ovation, the great hugs, and for reminding me how connected we are on this journey of service! Our region is better because of you.

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