Inspiring A New Gen Z Product Line with Red Aspen

When Denise Villa, Ph.D., and I founded CGK, we knew we wanted to be results-driven. We care deeply that the work we do has a lasting impact, improves lives, helps businesses, and drives innovation. This is why I’m thrilled to share a recent success story that inspires me!

I was keynoting the acclaimed Direct Selling University in 2022. This high-profile industry event attracts the best minds, CEOs, founders, and innovators from across the direct selling industry. In my keynote, I shared CGK’s latest research discoveries into the mindset, unmet needs, behavioral drivers, and hidden trends around Gen Z as consumers, influencers, and trendsetters. Little did I know how that presentation would spark a breakthrough idea for one group of attendees, executives from Red Aspen. This innovative social selling company has over 14,000 Brand Ambassadors across the US and internationally.

Almost a year later, I received a message via Instagram from the CEO of Red Aspen, Jesse McKinney, who shared that my presentation inspired her and her executive team to immediately start work on a new product line that directly applied the insights from my presentation. In fact, they started brainstorming the new product line while still on-site at the event!!!

The result: They created and launched a new collection of products inspired by the presentation called, The Pop. This innovative line of products is a sustainable, eco-friendly collection of press-on Nail Dashes and biodegradable False Lashes which have been a huge hit for the company. The product incorporates recycled material in all its packaging, fosters the uniqueness and creativity of its wearer, and sales results have been outstanding!

My favorite part was that the CEO of Red Aspen was invited to share this experience as a main stage keynote speaker and case study at Direct Selling University 2023!!! That’s right. From my keynote to innovation while still at the event, to a breakthrough product line, to their CEO delivering the keynote one year later! Wow. What an incredible case study and examples of the direct connection between behavioral research, innovation, bold action, and measurable results. And it led to a great moment with my daughter, Rya, who received a huge box of the amazing Red Aspen products which made me appear like a much cooler father.

Me and the entire research and insights team at The Center for Generational Kinetics are incredibly excited for Red Aspen, all their 14,000+ brand ambassadors, and the millions of people these new products will delight around the world. It’s amazing getting to share discoveries that lead to a spark of innovation that leaders take to drive results. It’s also everything we’re about here at CGK.

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