Gen Z and College Debt

Gen Z college students

Will college debt impact Gen Z the same as it did Millennials??

I’m excited to share the answer with you from our brand-new State of Gen Z 2018 research study. You can download the entire study from The Center for Generational Kinetics website. It’s totally free. I think you’ll really get value from it.

One key trend we explored was college debt because it had a massive impact on Millennials, from their career choices to buying a house. But how is it going to impact Gen Z?

Well, we found that 86% of Gen Z says they intend to go to college, but 50% said they are not willing to take on more than $10,000 in debt. That’s a big shift from Millennials, many of whom were told to get into the best college you can and just get loans because everything will work out. But it didn’t work out as planned for many Millennials, and Gen Z is learning from their experience.

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