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Watch Jason Dorsey’s 2015 GEN Z TEDx Talk

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Jason Dorsey’s 2015 GEN Z TEDx Talk

Gen Z, the generation after Millennials is going to change everything.

Gen Z doesn’t remember a time before social media, smartphones, and YouTube.

Watch this TEDx talk from 2015 to see what parents, employers, and thinkers need to know–and why the talk received a rousing standing ovation.

Then watch Jason Dorsey’s Speaking Preview Video for a much more current take on the generation! 

“Gen Z, the generation after Millennials, will soon become the fastest growing generation of employees and customers. This new generation thinks email is snail mail and Facebook is what their grandparents like. Every parent, employer, marketer and neighbor needs to understand this new generation that is poised to change everything.”

~Jason Dorsey, leading Gen Z speaker and researcher



Gen Z, also known as iGen, Centennials or Founders, are part of a generation that begins around 1996. In the U.S., Gen Z has always viewed 9/11 as history.

Many of Gen Z’s behaviors, values, and communication preferences are already baffling older generations—even Millennials.

Here are two of Jason’s latest discoveries about the top trends shaping members of Gen Z as customers, employees, and citizens.

Since most of us are already dependent on using technology every day, you might think that Gen Z can’t possibly bring a deeper relationship to tech. But Jason shares how iGen takes it to the next level (and how we’ll all get there eventually, too). Members of iGen actually think pieces of technology in The Jetsons are things of the past, not the future! In fact, Gen Z is the greatest indicator we have of future technology trends that older generations will adopt.

It can be argued that parenting is the greatest trend influencing behaviors across generations. Gen Z’s parents are Generation X and Millennials. Generation X does not want their kids to turn out like the Millennials (seriously) and Millennials are breaking into two different parenting generations. How Gen Z is parented will have a profound impact on all of us as they enter adulthood.

Many people say that the most thought-provoking point of Jason’s TEDx talk is:

“In generations, the changes and trends we’re seeing are actually rippling up instead of down.”

That means that trends are now starting with teens and rippling up to the rest of us in a way that makes iGen the true trendsetters for everyone, including their grandparents. This explains why Gen Z’s grandparents use Facetime and may make the jump to Snapchat–even if right now they think it is the most ridiculous thing ever.

Watch Jason’s Latest Speaking Video

After you watch this TEDx talk from 2015, watch Jason’s Speaking Preview Video for a much more current take on the Gen Z!


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Gen Z is the most consistent generation around the world

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