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Watch Jason Dorsey deliver a virtual keynote on Gen Z in 2021. Jason has delivered virtual keynotes to attendees in over 100 audiences, spanning four generations, and his interactive virtual presentations have been translated into multiple languages.

Watch Jason Dorsey deliver an in-person keynote on the generations and share his unexpected findings for leaders, marketers, and communities. Jason has led more than 100 research studies around the world. He’s received over 1,000 standing ovations for his unique, actionable, positive, and entertaining(!) take on valuing and bridging all generations.

Jason Dorsey’s original TEDx talk on Gen Z from way back in 2015. Since then, Jason has led more than 70 research studies into Gen Z and wrote the bestselling book, Zconomy.

His discoveries studying Gen Z have been featured from The Today Show to CNN and the BBC. While aspects of this 2015 talk are clearly very outdated (he definitely got one key point wrong), it was a big hit when it was first delivered. He received a standing ovation from the audience!

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Jason Dorsey’s very old TEDx Talk on Gen Z from way back in 2015. He’s led more than 70 research studies on Gen Z since then and has a brand-new talk!

Gen Z, the generation after Millennials is changing everything.

This rapidly emerging generation doesn’t remember a time before social media, smartphones, and YouTube.

This TEDx talk is from way, way back in 2015. Some of it is still relevant but some of it is very out of date (and he got one key prediction). Since this talk, Jason has led more than 70 research studies on Gen Z, written a bestselling book on Gen Z, and been featured in media around the world sharing how to unlock the potential of Gen Z.

Please watch Jason Dorsey’s Speaking Preview Video for a much more current take on the generation! 

“Gen Z, the generation after Millennials, is the fastest growing generation of employees and customers. This new generation thinks email is snail mail and Facebook is what their grandparents like. Every parent, employer, marketer and neighbor needs to understand this new generation that is poised to change everything.”

~Jason Dorsey, Gen Z speaker, bestselling Gen Z author, and generational researcher



Gen Z, also known as iGen and occasionally Gen Covid, are part of a generation that begins around 1996. In the U.S., Gen Z has always viewed 9/11 as history because they do not remember it as a contemporary event.

Many of Gen Z’s behaviors, values, and communication preferences are clearly different than older generations—even Millennials.

Read a few of Jason’s latest discoveries about the top trends shaping members of Gen Z as customers, employees, and citizens.

Since most of us are already dependent on using technology every day, you might think that Gen Z can’t possibly bring a deeper relationship to tech. But Jason shares in this 2015 keynote how iGen takes it to the next level (and how we’ll all get there eventually, too). Members of iGen actually think pieces of technology in The Jetsons are things of the past, not the future! In fact, Gen Z is the greatest indicator we have of future technology trends that older generations will adopt.

It can be argued that parenting is the greatest trend influencing behaviors across generations. Gen Z’s parents are Generation X and Millennials. Generation X does not want their kids to end up acting “entitled” (seriously) and Millennials are breaking into two different parenting generations. How Gen Z is raised will have a profound impact on them as they enter adulthood.

Many people say that the most thought-provoking point of Jason’s TEDx talk is:

“In generations, the changes and trends we’re seeing are actually rippling up instead of down.”

That means that trends are now starting with teens and rippling up to older generations in a way that makes iGen the true trendsetters for everyone, including their grandparents. This explains why Gen Z’s grandparents use Facetime and may make the jump to TikTok–even if right now they think it makes no sense.

Watch Jason’s Latest Speaking Video

After you watch the TEDx talk from way, way back in 2015, watch Jason’s Speaking Preview Video for a much more current take on Gen Z!


Jason during rehearsals the day before the TEDx event

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Gen Z is the most globally-connected generation in the world

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Zconomy Was Featured on Forbes List of Top Four Books to Help You Reach New Levels of Success

Generation Z is the fastest growing generation in the workforce today, the most valuable generation of emerging consumers, and the greatest driver of technology adoption around the world. Dr. Denise Villa and I researched and co-wrote Zconomy to help leaders in every industry, of every generation, in all geographies best prepare for, understand, and unlock the extraordinary potential of Gen Z at this pivotal time in their emergence. 

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