Selling and Marketing During Uncertain Times

New Research and Specific Actions to Drive Growth Across Generations

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Presentation Overview:

Jason Dorsey delivers urgent and inspiring sales insights in his most time-sensitive presentation ever: Selling and Marketing During Uncertain Times

In this powerful sales and marketing presentation, you’ll learn how to drive awareness, engagement, trust, and sales across generations during a time of uncertainty and economic rebuilding.

You’ll learn why different generations experience the same crisis differently—including how they think about money, saving, and spending—and what sales and marketing leaders can do. This includes sharing what works now for both B2B and B2C marketing and sales organizations.

Every sales and marketing leader in attendance will leave with new and unexpected insights, practical strategies, and specific actions they can apply immediately to rebound and drive growth now.

A globally sought-after speaker and advisor to senior executives, Jason Dorsey has led extensive research on how to drive initial awareness, message, market, build trust, and sell to each generation in times of uncertainty and rapid change. In addition, he has frontline insights from studying and advising sales and marketing leaders on how to engage four generations of consumers and buyers, each one experiencing the impact of the pandemic differently.

This is why leaders at public companies, start-ups, venture capital firms, boards of directors, and private equity firms rely on him to be their advisor and present to their sales and marketing teams.

Selling and Marketing for During Uncertain Times is the urgent how-to presentation that sales and marketing professionals need to hear now to emerge stronger.

Key Presentation Outcomes:

The new reality facing sales and marketing leaders presents never-before-seen challenges and hidden opportunities:

  • How do you engage, market, and sell across generations in a time of rapid change and challenge?
  • How do you keep sales teams working together, focused, and motivated during a time of stress and uncertainty?
  • Most importantly, how do you create customer interactions, trust, and urgency to move forward that drives measurable growth?

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“Jason Dorsey is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers that I’ve come across in my career.

In fact, ‘speaker’ does not adequately describe Jason, who is equal parts researcher, social anthropologist, and entertainer.”

–Stephen Cannon, CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA

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