Millennial Consumers Mean Business:

Solving the Millennial Sales and Marketing Challenge

Customized Keynote to Virtual Presentation and Full-Day Event

Presentation Overview:

Millennials are now the make-or-break generation for almost every brand, retailer, and service provider. And Millennials aren’t just consumers and trendsetters, they’re also B2B influencers and decision-makers.

The challenge is that Millennials communicate, shop, influence, and buy differently than any other generation. In fact, what works with other generations can completely lose a sale with Millennials.

In this content-rich, solutions-filled keynote, the #1 Millennials expert, Jason Dorsey, shows you how Millennial Consumers Mean Business and precisely how to win with this huge generation.

Key Presentation Outcomes:

  • Learn the hidden ways Millennials make buying decisions, including the missing insight that wins or loses a sale.
  • Gain step-by-step actions you can use right away that fit your exact sales channel, brand, marketing, and uniqueness.
  • Leave motivated with frontline stories and practical solutions you can use the very same day to attract Millennial customers, no matter your own generation.

This high-energy program is packed with step-by-step examples that answer all the questions sales and marketing professionals won’t be able to find anywhere else:

  • How do I drive Millennial leads and interest?
  • Why don’t Millennials respond to traditional sales techniques?
  • What actions can I take right now to immediately drive more sales?

Your audience will leave fired up to try new sales techniques right away—and often they’re implementing them right as Jason shares the solutions on stage! You will also see firsthand why Jason Dorsey has received more than 1,000 standing ovations around the world, from New York and Los Angeles to Chile and India.

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“Jason Dorsey is known around the world as the foremost authority on Millennials and Gen Z. He is one of the best speakers you’ll ever see on stage.

He’s smart, entertaining, educational and funny. He’s also full of more energy than most people have after eight cups of coffee — like human Red Bull.

He’s been our highest rated speaker at two different events!”

–Jeffry Pilcher, CEO, The Financial Brand Forum

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Average amount Millennials are willing to spend additionally on a $50 purchase if a company supports a social cause important to them.

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