The Future of Customer Experience

Grow Faster Now Using the Hidden Generational Trends Driving Customer Interactions

Future Customer Experience - Jason Dorsey on stage presenting to a huge crowd.

Customized Keynote and Full-Day Program

Presentation Overview:


The future of customer experience is the future of your business. The challenge is that customer experience priorities, expectations, and best practices are rapidly evolving and vary by generation. In fact, what works for one generation can be a complete turn-off for another. Solving this challenge and delivering the future of customer experience today creates an immediate strategic advantage and foundation for sustained growth.

In this inspiring future-meets-present program, The Future of Customer Experience, Jason Dorsey reveals exactly what you need to know and do to create the customer experience mindset, strategy, and approach that fits your organization, strengths, and vision. Jason and his team have led numerous studies—B2B and B2C—to uncover exactly what you need to know to unlock the potential of customer interactions in unexpected ways that you can act on immediately.

Keynote Presentation Outcomes:

  • Learn a new way to approach customer experience, support, and service through a behavioral lens
  • Separate myth from truth through data to drive engagement, trust, resolve questions, and strengthen loyalty
  • Leave motivated to act on specific strategies and insights customized for your organization

Your audience will leave this high-energy presentation inspired and able to focus on what matters most to unlock the potential of customer interactions.

In The Future of Customer Experience, you’ll see firsthand why Jason has received more than 1,000 standing ovations all over the world, from New York and Los Angeles to Chile and India.

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“Jason Dorsey is known around the world as the foremost authority on Millennials and Gen Z. He is one of the best speakers you’ll ever see on stage.

He’s smart, entertaining, educational and funny. He’s also full of more energy than most people have after eight cups of coffee — like human Red Bull.

He’s been our highest rated speaker at two different events!”

–Jeffry Pilcher, CEO, The Financial Brand Forum

Jason Dorsey and CGK Discovery:

49% of older Gen Z (ages 18-24) plan to make a major purchase in the next two years (house, car, vacation, etc.)*

More Research

*The State of Gen Z® 2020 CGK Study

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