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Millennials, aka Generation Y, are the fastest-growing generation in the workplace today. Along with tremendous potential and timely skills, Millennials bring a unique mindset that can challenge the most experienced manager, entrepreneur and leader.

In Y-Size Your Business, Millennials expert Jason Dorsey reveals more than 50 specific ways to improve Millennial performance in your most critical workplace areas within a multigenerational workforce.

The book’s how-to actions solve challenges including:

  • Recruiting — How to attract higher quality Millennials faster
  • Onboarding — Secrets to make the first day unforgettable
  • Motivation — Specific strategies that motivate Millennials now
  • Retention — What truly works to retain and engage Millennials
  • Communication — Unexpected tactics to drive communication
  • And much, much more!

This is the practical how-to book you’ve been looking for to answer your Millennials workforce questions.

Buy now and start making the most of Millennials in your multigenerational workforce.

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Your bestselling book includes…

  • Millennials unexpected workplace mindset
  • Why the first day is now the most important day at work–and what to do about it!
  • How to attract the best Millennial employees and get them to refer their highest performing friends
  • How to motivate Millennials at work without paying them more money
  • How to develop Millennial talent fast
  • And much, much more how-to!

What people are saying…

Jason Dorsey is able to build the bridge of understanding between generations. He gets us. He gets them. And in Y-Size Your Business, he gives us the tools to translate, adapt and embrace the fastest-growing generation in the workplace.

Betsy McLaughlin, CEO
Hot Topic

Jason brings a valuable new perspective to the Gen Y employment conversation. He shows you how to make the most of his generation’s strengths while building on the talents of employees of all ages.

Dan Beem, President
Cold Stone Creamery & International Delight

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