Millennials and the Demise of Sears

I’m in a USA Today Feature Story!!! Are Millennials Responsible for the Death of Sears?

Exciting NEWS!!! I just learned I was in a USA Today feature story!!! The story is about Millennials and the death of Sears. Did Millennials *really* drive the death of Sears or was it something else? Watch my short video to find out…

By the way – My favorite quote compares Sears and Amazon. Here is the link to the story. Please check it out!

Millennials have been blamed for killing all kinds of brands, but many were declining for a long time. Millennials just fast-tracked the ending.

What’s interesting about Sears is that on social media Millennials were posting, “I miss Sears”, yet they weren’t shopping there! When companies don’t adapt to generational changes—whether that’s change led by Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, or Boomers—the road ahead gets tough.

Understanding how different generations want to shop and buy is a vital part of my keynote speeches and the solutions I deliver to business leaders. When you know *how* to adapt, you can grow your business and take market share.

How can I help you solve your Millennial challenges?

I’m inspired by your interest in my mission to separate generational myth from truth through data. Please reach out to me if you’d like me to speak at an event you’re hosting.

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