Tweens and iGen Spend Billions

Tweens, sometimes called iGen or Gen Z, are 10- to 12-year-olds who are unexpectedly influencing a tremendous amount of spending. Whether this is their own money, or that of their parents and grandparents, such enormous spending influence has never happened at such a young age. Companies and brands—whether they sell cars, Disney movies or vacations—are scrambling to adapt to this new consumer power reality. Watch and be shocked at how much money today’s tweens influence.


Tweens and their larger iGen cohort will change how all marketers and salespeople communicate. This goes way beyond social media, video games and mobile devices to how this emerging generation sees and interacts with the world around them. While the data on tweens and iGen is still too new to trend, rest assured this generation will create more data for us to analyze than any generation of the same age in history.

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tweens are spending billions Tweens are leading a spending boom. Most companies miss out on tween consumers and their influence. Don’t be one of them. CNBC

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