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Jason Dorsey has received over 1,000 standing ovations for his unique perspective and solutions to bridging generational differences, from iGen and Millennials to Gen X and Baby Boomers. Jason brings this same energy, research and practical how-to to every customized webinar he delivers.

Jason customizes his webinars specifically to your audience–whether managers and executives, employees or customers–so each participant feels like the webinar is just for them.

Jason will work directly with your team to craft the webinar to your specific outcomes, culture and integrate your data or messaging for a seamless experience right to your participants’ preferred screen.

The most popular customized webinar programs Jason delivers include: Crossing the Generational Divide, Insider Secrets for Selling to Millennials and Unlocking Next Generation Talent.

Jason frequently creates custom webinars for clients that want to dive deep into a topic, such as a succession planning within the insurance industry or multi-generational family businesses in manufacturing, so feel confident in knowing that Jason will create a customized program designed to your needs that delivers the results you want.

Webinars can be enhanced with our Cross-Generational Workforce Index™ and our Generational Power Index™.

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Jason’s keynote speech at our International Management Conference was a huge hit! In an industry where talented employees are at a premium and retention is critical to success, Jason’s viewpoint was timely, engaging and thought-provoking. His understanding, not only of his own generation, but of those who hire and work with them makes his message all the more relevant. close quote


Katie Taylor, President and CEO
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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Your attendees leave Jason’s webinar able to:

  • Put each generation in the context of their own generation
  • Turn generational differences into your breakthrough opportunity
  • Implement ready-to-use actions proven to solve the toughest generational challenges

Jason Dorsey is not available through speaker bureaus.

Jason speaking to 6,000 business owners. He received a standing ovation and they brought him back the next year!

Jason speaking to 6,000 Gen Y and Millennial leaders in New York City. He received a standing ovation!

Jason keynoting the Million Dollar Roundtable. He received a standing ovation from 6,000 sales leaders from around the world.

Jason’s speech on selling to Gen Y and across generations received a standing ovation from Hyatt’s international sales leaders!