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Jason Dorsey and The Center for Generational Kinetics are the #1 experts and researchers on Millennials and Gen Z. Their research uncovers hidden insights and specific solutions that drive significant ROI for clients. Their research clients include many of the biggest global brands.
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Jason is the #1 expert on Millennials and Gen Z.
His passion is uncovering the truth about them through original research.

Jason Dorsey is the expert and lead researcher on Millennials (aka Gen Y) and Gen Z at The Center for Generational Kinetics. The Center is the #1 Millennial and Gen Z research, speaking, and solutions firm with over 150 clients per year.

The Center’s research team solves tough generational challenges for clients around the world. The challenges range from selling and marketing to Millennials and Gen Z to managing five generations in one workforce. The findings and practical, research-based solutions drive measurable results.

An added bonus is that the Millennial and Gen Z research findings are frequently featured in the media because the data is statistically valid and answers key questions on the mind of the general public and industry leaders.

Jason and The Center’s team of PhD researchers deliver the findings and solutions through a powerful, practical approach they invented, Generational Context™.

Companies rely on Jason and The Center’s team to lead the original research that solves their challenges, drives innovation, and, most importantly, unlocks the value of every generation.

What makes The Center’s research and expertise different?

Most research firms only deliver findings, but that falls far short of actually solving client challenges. The Center’s team uses their deep frontline expertise to go beyond traditional data and analysis to deliver specific, ready-to-use solutions for winning Millennials and Gen Z now.

Clients who implement our solutions experience significant ROI in their key metrics—from marketing to management—with one client going from the bottom of the list to top in the nation for retention within six months.

Another well-known client leveraged the national research led by The Center to earn significant national media that added key enterprise value to their growing brand at a critical time in their growth cycle.

Jason and The Center offer three research solutions. Click below to learn more about each one:

When you work with Jason Dorsey and The Center for Generational Kinetics’ research team you solve two challenges at once: you gain the expertise of the premier Millennial and Gen Z expert plus the strength of an acclaimed research firm working to solve your challenge.

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Combining Research and Speaking

Jason’s speaking clients frequently work with The Center’s team of PhD researchers to solve specific Millennial and Gen Z sales and marketing challenges, design new products and services, and provide the media with research-based findings the public needs to know now.

Clients have the option for Jason to deliver the findings during a custom presentation at a client’s meetings or during other industry-leading events where the client wants the research shared as thought leadership.

In the last 12 months alone, The Center’s clients have ranged from the biggest banks in the world and the largest insurance providers, to global software companies and one of the world’s largest hotel chains.

Each of these clients chose to work with The Center because we could deliver what other firms could not: an unrivaled depth of knowledge about Millennials, Gen Z, and generations and expertise in working on the frontlines across industries around the world.

In short, we know what works because we uncover it every day.

The Center’s research into Millennials, Gen Z, and generational trends on behalf of our clients has been featured in over 100 media outlets in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and South America.

We can solve your Millennial and Gen Z challenges.

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The Center’s groundbreaking research on Millennials has been featured in over 100 media outlets around the world.


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