The Greatest Generation? Seriously?

How in the world can Millennials and Gen Y say they are the greatest generation ever? They didn’t fight in a World War, survive the Great Depression and most of them are not even 30 years old, so how can you make such a bold claim on national TV? In this controversial interview, Jason debates whether Millennials can truly say they are the greatest generation. The answer will surprise you (as will the debate about free interns).


For the first time ever, there are four different generations in the workplace and five generations in the marketplace. This unprecedented generational convergence is creating all kinds of new challenges in everything from communication and motivation, to sales, marketing and innovation. Understanding each generation’s mindset, hot buttons and life stage is essential to bridging generations of employees and customers successfully.

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greatest generation Greatest generation or over-confident and immature? Watch the sparks fly as Jason defends Gen Y. Fox News

Jason with David Gordon, SVP of Operations, The Cheesecake Factory, after keynoting their National Management Conference. Jason received a standing ovation.

Jason keynoting an international leadership conference for GE. His message focused on bridging generations in a global context.

Jason accepting an award after receiving a standing ovation from 13,000 Gen Y and Millennial leaders!

Jason keynoting the Raytheon Leadership Development Program for participants from across the US. Jason spoke immediately before the Chairman and CEO of Raytheon.